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PowerApps not resolving Sharepoint List Internal column names

It seems like I have two issues here. The first one is about SharePoint List and the other one is in PowerApps. I'll explain them one at a time.


SharePoint List:

  • Created a table in Excel O365 (formatted as table) with generic column names such as 'Name, Address, Tel'
  • Then proceeded to create Sharepoint List by importing Excel
  • Noticed that the internal field names created for each of the columns above were 'field_1, field_2, field_3'.
  • Repeated this process multiple times with different files, column names (no spaces), and dataset. The results are the same every time - the internal column names were consistently named as field_1, field_2, etc.


  • Components were using the display column names from Sharepoint List as expected 
  • However, the code scripts were referring to the Sharepoint internal column names.
  • I read from some old posts (2018 or 2019) that this was a bug and fix has been provided to make sure the PowerApps can use the display name of Sharepoint List in PowerApps code. Thought this has been resolved?

Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

Helper I
Helper I

So, are you having a functional code problem, or is this purely an aesthetic problem?

New Member

Well, it's problematic because I have to figure out which internal name was mapped to the column name that was assigned. E.g. Filter('mydatasource', 'field_11',Ascending). In the past, I can use write as Filter('mydatasource', 'EmployeeName',Ascending).

Helper I
Helper I

Yep, that sure does make it hard to code. 


To bottom line it for you, you are probably best to recreate your lists with the correct internal names.  The internal names can't be changed once created.


Ive never tried importing from Excel, but I know importing from access gives the correct names, perhaps do that if you've got a lot of lists to create? 


Even if you manage to get everything working with display names, at some point in your development cycle the internal names are going to rear their ugly head again, it's inevitable. If you don't want to be dealing with this for years to come, take the time now to get those names corrected. 

I agree. The internal name is kind of a pain when the name is not right. I'm beginning to think it's a bug because it was working the way it should be a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what changed internally. 


I didn't know you can create a list from Access and I tried that. That seems to help and I can create the right internal name in Sharepoint List. Thanks for that suggestion!


This is probably the last time I'm using Sharepoint List for this PowerApps dev. It's not the best platform for dev. 

New Member

Hi guys thx for the hint with Access. 

I had the same issue after importing a sheet / table from Excel.

When exporting the table from Access to SharePoint the names are as expected.

New Member

Resolved by exporting directly form Excel instead of importing from SharePoint.

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