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PowerApps performs differently if run from edit than launched directly

I have just encountered behavior i have never seen before.  When I run y app from edit mode, it performs perfectly.  If I lauch it directly from any browser or on my phone, it just doesn't work.  I have found two key things wrong:

  1. On the startup screen, there are three images.  Each one navigates to another screen in OnSelect.  This works perfectly when run from Edit, but two of the three (top and bottom one) do nothing when clicked.
  2. The navigation for the working link above successfully goes to a second screen where various types of data are there to choose from.  Those work, and so does the nexct instruction text screen.  Clicking on the "continue" button launches a data collection screen which also has a camera to capture images, but it displays the camera incorrectly, and only one label but no text or drop downfields appear, nor does the header with navigation icons.

I tried several things including:

  • Doins Save as to create another copy of the app
  • Clearning the cache on my broswers
  • trying in standard and private browser instances
  • Exporting the app and importing into an entirely different SharePoint tenant and environment.

This behavior remains constant in each of those scenarios: works fine when run in edit but not launched directly.


As a move around the app in edit mode, I do not see a single error showing up.


HELP!  driving me crazy.


@Mr-Dang-MSFT any ideas?


Re: PowerApps performs differently if run from edit than launched directly

I tried something and since this didn't work, perhaps it's a clue:


I insterd a button on the startup screen and set its OnSelect value to be the same as on the image which isn't working.  When I ran the app, that button reponded to a mouse over, but clicking didn't navigate.  Again, it navigates perfectly if run from edit mode.


I also changed the OnSelect value to false for the labels that sit just below the image, imagining they might be interferring.  Nope, made no difference. 



Power Apps Staff Mr-Dang-MSFT
Power Apps Staff

Re: PowerApps performs differently if run from edit than launched directly

I'm not experiencing this. Can you share more with me about what app settings you have? My settings are default, then I switch on Components, Enhanced Groups, and Results View with no issue.


Can you share some screenshots of the app and the controls you've set up?

Re: PowerApps performs differently if run from edit than launched directly

Yesterday, the data capture screen started displayig correctly. I can't tell  you exactly what I did to cause that to start working.  I tried deleting then re-adding some app entities but since it has always worked when I run from edit mode, i had to save, publish and run it separately.  


In the past few minutes, I got one of the non-working navigation to work.  What fixed it was removing the components and adding back the individual parts.  I had two components, each with two images:  a logo and a wifi connected or not connected image.  The components had the same screen location, but the visile property was either varConnected or !varConnected.  I set varConnected true or false in OnStart based on If(Connection.Connected, 


When I deleted both components and added back three images (logo, wifi connected and not connected) and set visible property on the latter two, then it navigates just fine.


I repeated this for the remaining image navigation but still no luck.  It seems like it recognizes that it is a clickable link (cursor shape and kinda blinks when it is clicked) but nothing happens.  Stilll testing

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