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Powerapps BInding to dropdown control?

Let's I have XLS file with the column which contains people names. I would like to have a dropdown on my editor form where I can bind sropdown to this column as well as to have the list populated with distinct names from the same column. And which would allow me to slelect a new value from the list to update the form to propagade changes to the datasource.


I can use context variable as a list to pass to this editor form from the view records form as a parameter for Navigate action ->


Navigate('EditorForm', ScreenTransition.None,  {GroupList: Distinct(SDS, PeopleNames)


Ok, I actually solved it.


When I connected my dropdown box to another datasource. For some reason, the DropDown1.Selected returned a result that was of type Record. I had to put DropDown1.Selected.Value in the Update property to actually get Text back.


Can share your fuction or statement that you used? I have the same problem I can bind the field.




Here is a bit more detail on the situation that I have:


I have an Edit Form that shows a number of cards from data source which is an Excel table.


One of those cards is called Project Status - when the app was automatically generated, this card had a Text Box where the user could type the project status.


However, I wanted instead of a Text Box, this to be a dropdown that only allowed several choices. These choices are defined in another Excel table (this is just a one-column table that includes the allowed choices).


To replace the text box with the drop down, I did the following:

1. Connected to the other Excel table through Data Sources - the name of the source was tblProjectStatus

2. Selected the text box and deleted it.

3. Selected the card, and inserted a dropdown (let's call it DropDown1).

4. Selected the dropdown and under:

                             a. Items -> tlbProjectStatus.ProjectStatus (that gave me the list of allowed choices)

                             b. Defaul -> Parent.Default

5. Selected the card, and under Update -> DropDown1.Selected.Value


Initially, in step 5 I only typed DropDown1.Selected, the powerapps didn't like the type of the value returned. It turned out that DropDown1.Selected returns a Record. Hence, I added the .Value to get a Text back.



I have followed your moves with this one, and in the edit screen, I can select the drop down etc. However when I save the edit card, the dropdown selection is not saved, even though I have set the update property as you have described. There are no error messages - just no update to that field of the record !!

any ideas



Richard, could it be that your data source does not accept those values. Try adding a text box that shows any errors such that the text box text has YourFormName.Error.


Thanks for that - I was thinking along the same lines but had yet to work out how to show the error !


Many thyanks



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Yes it's very clear! Thanks for your help.

Hi hpkeong,

I tried exactly what you said but it's not letting me set the Default attribute of the dropdown to Parent.Default neither the Update attribute of the card to Dropdown1.Selected.Value.

I tried to do it the other way around:

Default of the dropdown to Parent.Default.Value

Update of the card to Dropdown1.Selected

The warnings went away and everything seemed fine but at the moment of creating a new entry the server shows an error saying that a value is missing from the item (I don't have the exact error because my app is in spanish sorry)

Any ideas?


Thank you

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Hi. You could try to begin a new project following the steps from the solution. It did work for me.
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My card has Default as ThisItem.EventName

It's Update value is: DropDown1.Selected.Value


DropDown1's Default is Parent.Default

DropDown1's Items are: ["A", "B", "C"]


Even if the value is B, DropDown1 will display default as A.


Not sure what I'm missing here. Starting a new project may be too difficult as I have a lot of time vested in this one.

Thank you

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