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Powerapps Constantly Refreshing Data Source

The Powerapps from beginning constantly refreshes data source even without using any screen of the app. This never stops.

I see three dots on the top moving left to right which indicates data source refresh. 

would it be possible to know why it is doing so?


The data source is gateway on premise SQL. 

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @jshah

Until you know what is causing the long loading, then it will be difficult to suggest a solution/work-around.

Why don't you remove all screens from your app except the first one, see what happens.

Then remove all screens except the first two etc.

This should be a quick approach to determine which screen creates the problem.

If the loading time (three dots) is long even just with the first screen, then give me a Skype on baizini and I can have a look with you.

I have more than 25 screens. I test it however, and got that removed.

But i am not sure which screen is causing the issue. I wish if there is better way to troubleshoot this issue. Something like backend server message on Powerapps side or SQL side to understand Logs


I have requested for you to add me in your skype contact so that i can walk you through my app.

I found it. that one screen which was causing the issue. I have no idea what the issue was since i removed all formula, on select property and gallery. But only after deleting screen completely i as able to resolve the issue on constant refresh.


Appreciate @Meneghino and @JRaasumaa and @mr-dang for sharing your expertise to resolve the issue.

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