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Powerapps Distinct function with cascading dropdowns is not automatically populated since update



We where making an app which looks like an intuitive ticket system. We used therefor cascading dropdowns which help us to select the right owner of the the problem that was flagged. We did some small updates and what we see is that our distinct cascading dropdowns are not prepopulating(blank option) the dropdown anymore.. THis was since the update, so what is changed? Our whole app is not working anymore 😞 


Or is there a way to select the first choice?



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Hi _Corey_,


Thanks i got conformation from the premier support as well, also after reverting the changes all the functions started to work again, so at the moment i am fine, but thanks 🙂


Best regards,

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I have a similar problem, dropdowns are all blank rather than displaying the first option of the returned list.


Its not exactly elegant, but I got around it for the moment by entering a lookup into the default field which searches for the first <> "" entry in my list. This isnt really going to be fun if I need to go back through all my apps though, hopefully we have a fix incomming for this...

Community Champion
Community Champion

I suspect that there has been an upgrade where we can now have a blank value in dropdowns even if not part of the Items list.  This seems to happen when the Default item is not one of the Items.

This is actually a good development; however this has not been announced.  Does anyone have any more insight or information?


Copying @Drrickryp@Mr-Dang-MSFT@timl in case they know...


Also copying @Janaboy as he has also come across this issue

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

You can sets the defualt value of your second dropdown field by create a collection on  onChange event of first drop down.

For example :




You can now use CollectionSection in second drop down Items events and "-Select-" in default.



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I think this problem has been affected by the upgrade.


If i put my older version back online (before the last friday),  the app is working again with selecting the right email adresses from the distinct function combined with the filter function.


When i go to the edit mode of the latest version you see that you still get the empty pre populated dropdown. 


So this means the result of the prepolation is not only a 'select' but could also be a mail adress which is selected. Don't know if your solution is working then @panand99

Helper I
Helper I

For me also another thing is not working.

I select the user and it should autopopulate the field, but it is not working too.


And result selected to show Approver_email and the field is empty.



@Anonymous @MMaver @Meneghino This was an intentional change to fix a longstanding issue with Dropdown selections.  In any event, the change has been rolled back until such time is can be reimplemented in a non-breaking manner.  If the issue is not automatically resolved, please open your app in Studio, save, and republish.


@Janaboy We will investigate this behaviour.

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@_Corey_ If I could suggest that when it is added back in we have it as an option? Default blank but with an pre set option to enable 1st item in list?


Best of both worlds! 🙂

Hi _Corey_,


Thanks i got conformation from the premier support as well, also after reverting the changes all the functions started to work again, so at the moment i am fine, but thanks 🙂


Best regards,

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