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Helper II
Helper II

Powerapps Gallery Search using multible tables or criteria

I am having a problem with the search on gallery, I have 3 tables and I need to search by text values not ID's.
The gallery code is as follows. This is looking at the Notes field, I need to search by either employee name or vanreg.
These values are in 2 other tables, tblEmployee and tblVandetails. These tables hold the unique ID which is stored in the main table tblVanjourneyLog.
SortByColumns(Search([@'[dbo].[tblVanJourneyLog]'], TextSearchBox1.Text, "Notes"), "Notes", If(SortDescending1, Descending, Ascending))
Each field on form has a lookup field as below.
LookUp('[dbo].[Employee]',employee_id = ThisItem.EmployeeID,Concatenate(employee_fname," ",employee_sname))
I need search routine to search by either employee name or vanreg as text not ID's.


See attached table relationships, As you can see the tblVanjourneyLog is main table pulling employee details and van details from related tables.

I need to search or filter gallery by either employee ",Concatenate( employee_fname," ",employee_sname ) or Reg.

Basically when user types in text into search text box it looks for similar text in these fields. So user can type Mike and it finds Mike Morgen etc, Or

He types WA18 and finds anything associated with this reg number.

Alternatively if this is too much , need search box to search by either employee or van reg. using separate search boxes.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Community Support
Community Support


tblVanjourneyLog only has the GUID columns, so just need to convert the reg or name to their GUIDs by LookUp function and use their GUIDs to filter the gallery. Please check the following steps, take filtering name as an example:

1. Set NameSearchbox OnChange property:  


Set(Var1,LookUp(Gallery1.AllItems,  NameSearchBox.Text in fname&sname ).employee_id)


The Gallery1 is from Employee table, Why we use Gallery1.AllItems instead of Employee table is to avoid delegation error, in operation is not delegable in SQL. For more information, please check the following threads: 

function countif Create a report from powerapps with two sharepointlist sources  

2. Set Items property of gallery as below:


SortByColumns(Search(Filter([@'[dbo].[tblVanJourneyLog]'], EmployeeID=Var1), TextSearchBox1.Text, "Notes"), "Notes", If(SortDescending1, Descending, Ascending))


3. The same thing with Reg, add a RegSearchbox and follow the steps above.

Note: Gallery1 for Employee table and Gallery2 for Van_Details table(not mentioned above) are necessary for avoiding delegation error, you can set them invisible if they are no need to be shown.



Hi, I tried as you proposed, but I am still having problems


See attached screenshots of app, I entered code as you suggested.

SortByColumns(Search(Filter([@'[dbo].[tblVanJourneyLog]'], EmployeeID=Var1), NameSearchBox.Text, "Notes"), "Notes", If(SortDescending1, Descending, Ascending))


Set(Var1,LookUp(BrowseGallery1.AllItems, NameSearchBox.Text in employee_fname & employee_sname ).EmployeeID)


But seems like I am still getting problems with the NameSearchBox code


Kind Regards




Could you please share the error message?

I think the error is from here: 

Set(Var1,LookUp(BrowseGallery1.AllItems, NameSearchBox.Text in employee_fname & employee_sname ).EmployeeID)


The Gallery for avoiding delegation error doesn't mean the BrowseGallery1, you need to create a new Gallery, e.g. Gallery1 and set Items property to Employee table. You can set the Visible property of the gallery to false.

Then modify the formula: 


Set(Var1,LookUp(Gallery1.AllItems, NameSearchBox.Text in employee_fname & employee_sname ).EmployeeID)



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