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Advocate I

Powerapps Release 3.19051.14 - App Displaying forms incorrectly - Restarts App With Different Font - Displays Forms Incorrectly

Afternoon everyone


I made some minor changes to one of my apps today and published.  A particularly complex screen with various forms now causes the app to crash and restart using a different font. The font change causes the forms to display incorrectly and the data does not load etc 


I cannot find any release notes on PowerApps Release 3.19051.14 can someone point me to them?


The Previous version of the app was 3.19034.12. I have rolled back the app using versions and it now works.


Is anyone else having this problem?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @WillEdz ,

Currently, within PowerApps, there has no any Official Release Notes about the 3.19051.14 version.

For more details about the Release Notes version of PowerApps, please check the following article:


Based on the issue that you mentioned, I think this issue may be related to latest released version of PowerApps. You could consider take a try to turn off the "Improved app rendering (final validation)" option within the Advanced settings of App settings of your app, then re-publish your app, check if the issue is solved.


If the issue still exists, as an fixed solution, please consider re-store your app to your previous version (3.19034.12).


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Bad news - even restoring the Version some parts of the app no longer work.


This is pretty serious as these apps are Live and in use. It also means that I cant update the apps anymore as whatever has been done in release 3.19051.14 leaves the apps unusable.


How can you relase a new version with no release notes?


What this looks like is that all apps created before verison 3.19051.14 are no longer backwards compatable!! - if this is the case then your about to loose a whole heap of power app developers!!



Not applicable

One of my apps suddenly stopped working today.  I know it has to do with new release change because I have a backup version of the app from a week ago that is also broken.  It's a gallery filtered by multiple dropdowns.  Did you guys change something in either the basic sort/filter or dropdown functions??  Please help.  I was supposed to roll this app out today.


The last version published works.  It's just the editor version that does not.

@Anonymous can you provide a session id to help us investigate?

@WillEdz Can you provide screenshots of the affected version, 3.19051.14, versus the previous version, 3.19034.12?

@Anonymous Can you provide the formulas you are using for the dropdown filter chain?  There was a property on Dropdown control that renamed in version 3.19051 that was renamed--it is supposed to be automatically converted when an app is loaded in Studio.

Not applicable

Here is the ITEMS code for the gallery.  All the dropdowns are from collections:


If(StudioDropDown.Selected.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserStudio=StudioDropDown.Selected.Value, FCDUserStudio=FCDUserStudio),
If(DisciplineDropDown.Selected.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserDiscipline=DisciplineDropDown.Selected.Value, FCDUserDiscipline=FCDUserDiscipline),
If(StatusDropDown.Selected.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserWorkStatus=StatusDropDown.Selected.Value, FCDUserWorkStatus=FCDUserWorkStatus),
If(PlatformDropDown.Selected.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserCoreSoft1=PlatformDropDown.Selected.Value, FCDUserCoreSoft1=FCDUserCoreSoft1),
If(FocusDropDown.Selected.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserFocus=FocusDropDown.Selected.Value, FCDUserFocus=FCDUserFocus),
If(WorkTypeDropDown.Selected.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserCoreComp1=WorkTypeDropDown.Selected.Value, FCDUserCoreComp1=FCDUserCoreComp1)),

DirectorySearchBox.Text, "FCDUserFamiliarName", "FCDUserLastName", "FCDUserStudio", "FCDUserDiscipline", "FCDUserWorkStatus", "FCDUserCoreSoft1", "FCDUserCoreComp1", "Title", "FCDUserCoreSoft2", "FCDUserCoreSoft3", "FCDUserCoreComp2", "FCDUserCoreComp3"),


@Anonymous Can you try replacing all instances of DropDown.Selected with DropDown.SelectedText:


If(StudioDropDown.SelectedText.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserStudio=StudioDropDown.SelectedText.Value, FCDUserStudio=FCDUserStudio),
If(DisciplineDropDown.SelectedText.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserDiscipline=DisciplineDropDown.SelectedText.Value, FCDUserDiscipline=FCDUserDiscipline),
If(StatusDropDown.SelectedText.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserWorkStatus=StatusDropDown.SelectedText.Value, FCDUserWorkStatus=FCDUserWorkStatus),
If(PlatformDropDown.SelectedText.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserCoreSoft1=PlatformDropDown.SelectedText.Value, FCDUserCoreSoft1=FCDUserCoreSoft1),
If(FocusDropDown.SelectedText.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserFocus=FocusDropDown.SelectedText.Value, FCDUserFocus=FCDUserFocus),
If(WorkTypeDropDown.SelectedText.Value <> "<All>", FCDUserCoreComp1=WorkTypeDropDown.SelectedText.Value, FCDUserCoreComp1=FCDUserCoreComp1)),
DirectorySearchBox.Text, "FCDUserFamiliarName", "FCDUserLastName", "FCDUserStudio", "FCDUserDiscipline", "FCDUserWorkStatus", "FCDUserCoreSoft1", "FCDUserCoreComp1", "Title", "FCDUserCoreSoft2", "FCDUserCoreSoft3", "FCDUserCoreComp2", "FCDUserCoreComp3"),"FCDUserFamiliarName")


DropDown.SelectedText replaces what was previously DropDown.Selected.  DropDown.Selected is now a pass-through of the collection row.  This should have been converted automatically...

Not applicable

That fixed it!  Thank you!

Hi @Anonymous ,

Have you solved your problem?


If you have solved your problem, please go ahead to click "Accept as Solution" to identify this thread has been solved.


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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