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Powerapps button trigger through power automate



Can I trigger powerapps button through powerautomate.

Please help me

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Super User

Hey! You can not trigger power apps button through power automate.

But you can trigger power automate through power apps button adn you can respond to the power apps and based on that response, power apps can do something


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Resolver III
Resolver III

That's a kind of odd one, I can't imagine a scenario where your already 'triggered' powerautomate have to trigger a button. Could you please give a bit more details on what is your use case here? may be able to help you in finding an alternate solution..


Thank you


ok. I understand. but my I send approve and reject email. After select either approve or reject some action would happen. That action queries are is in PowerApps button. so If I trigger the PowerApps button with correct values the action would happen how can I achieve that please help me.



Resolver III
Resolver III

So, If I understand you correctly, you have sent an email to approve/reject (I presume you are using a powerautomate approval process for this), and you want certain actions to perform after approval, these actions are in power app (under a button click) rather than in power automate it self. In that case, you have to bring those actions/functionality back to your power automate. No other option. 


If it is some thing like you have to replicate the same functionality (approval process) in a canvas app as well, then also either you have to replicate the logic in both powerautomate & power app or remove the logic totally from the power app, build a separate child flow and use that in both the places.


If I understand you wrongly, sorry - please provide more details, may be pictures (if it is possible) would help to understand more.


Thank you


yes. your understand is correct. So I cannot trigger PowerApps button. I should replace that full functionality in power automate.  If I am wrong correct me. Thankyou

Unfortunately, Yes - That's the only way forward for you, in fact that's the correct way.


Please mark the answer and close the thread for the benefit of others as well.


thank you


any another way is available for achieve this.


I watched some videos. those are value return to the power app.  Can I do like that.

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