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Advocate II

Powerapps connected to Azure SQL Slow?


Our powerapps which use Azure SQL seem much slower than normal today. Is anyone else experiencing this? 

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Awesome, good to hear.

To add to this, I love what powerapps has empowered my team to do in a short period of time. However, its so depressing how often we experience connector issues. Its very difficult having to explain to our users why we keep having issues. Especially since I've never received any good explaination of the root cause not matter how hard I've pressed. 


Absolutely what these guys are saying.  I want to be able to back powerapps 100%, but what I hear from co-workers and customers when this happens is just so frustrating.  If I had a dollar for every time I've had to hear "You all should just buy Ipads and pay someone to make a native app, it would be so much better".  Ugh.

Powerapps support status page updated to :

06/11/2018 15:35 PDT - We are aware of service health issues causing latency and timeouts for PowerApps and Flow connections in the UnitedStates region. Engineering is engaged in diagnosis and mitigation. Next update @ 16:00 PDT.


If anyone from the powerapps team is reading this it is not only United States Region, we are having same problems here in Europe and UK Regions.

@Anonymous @nbarsley1 @Dgarrison We understand completely that trust and reliability in our product are key table stakes for success for you, our customers, as well as your customers. We are committed to become better in this area, and each day we get closer. Every product has outages - We hope to provide excellent support and communication with our community when these things happen, and ensure that the same problem never happens twice. Feel free to DM me for more discussion on how we can provide better support for you. Thanks for having PowerApps' back - we'll get this fixed as soon as possible. 


@t19670 I've escalated to the team that this is impacting more regions. Messaging you to get more details. 


You can follow updates on this issue here:

Upon resolution, I'll respond to this thread with more details. 

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This issue isn't isolated to US and EU, i'm experiencing the same office365 timeout errors across multiple powerapps being used across Australia. No azure or SQL connection. Purely just office365.


Just got a notification from PowerApps and Flow team and they have an issue with their connectors:

Update: We are aware that this is impacting multiple regions. This is being treated with the highest severity and attention. 

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I've been getting "An unknown error occured" for about a weeks now across all apps (which remain unchanged).


I'm hoping this is the same issue perhaps?


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