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Powerapps feature not supported in browser

I just added a simple chart and now I get this ugly message....


"....uses features that don’t work on a browser. To use it fully, install PowerApps Studio"


Isn't this supposed to be a mobile tool? Iv'e looked through the discussion board and see this problem has been there for a year with no solution. Just hide the message please! The chart works in the browser!


Very dissapointed to not see this basic charting feature available for browser and mobile deployments. You can't expect tenants to install powerapps studio for hundreds of users to a see simple charts. 



The message will appear for Barcode, Camera, and Microphone controls. These controls will cause a yellow-colored warning banner to show up at the top of the page.


Is that what you see? What is the exact message? It could be a different issue than the one originally reported here.

@tahoonYes, it is a yellow banner, with the following message:


[app name] uses features that don’t work on a browser. To use it fully, install PowerApps Studio.


I don't use Barcode, Camera or Microphone controls in my app though. As I said, just tables, galleries and forms.

@Caroline Thanks for confirming. Are you editing or viewing the app? Also, which platform are you using: the Windows app, iOS app, Android app, or a desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari)?

@tahoonThanks. We're viewing/running the app on Chrome.

I am not sure what is causing the error. That warning should only be shown for those controls mentioned. Verify that the galleries and forms do not contain Camera, Microphone, or Barcode controls.


You can also try removing controls one by one and re-publish the app to find which one is producing the error. Don't worry, you can always revert to an earlier version from the app versions page.

View solution in original post

This is still happening for me - Win 10 using Chrome. Don't use any of the above mentioned items - any further news on this?


Advocate II
Advocate II

....and this is another one that is not at all solved so should not be marked as such

@PeterDonohue Yes, I still haven't found a resolution either.

This thread was marked as solved because the reported problem was caused by a graph control. This no longer happens.


If you are still experiencing this warning message, one of the controls could really be incompatible with your browser. The known controls that could show this error are Camera, Barcode, Microphone, and Export controls. Verify again in all screens that these controls are not present. The control tree on the left panel will show all used controls, even if they are hidden behind another control or has Visible=false. Make sure to expand everything, including galleries and form data cards to see if there are any of these controls.


A brute force approach is to try removing controls, publish changes, and see if the warning goes away.

@tahoon I still have this error, but have none of the controls you have listed, so it isn't resolved yet.

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