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Powerapps is not a InfoPath Replacment! Stop wasting everyones effort!

Powerapps is most certainly not a InfoPath Replacement.   To believe such is complete folly.  When a product doesn't do 50% of what the old one did, it cannot be considered a replacement.   Even the lies built into the product that say a feature exists but really doesn't (see below) will cost you several of hours of engineering and development time, only to find out through lots of googling that the feature really doesn't work.   Save yourself the time and effort use a product that works.  There are lots of other system out there, use one other than this.   Microsoft may be King but with this level of incompentence, its easy to see how they could lose it all.  



Power Apps
Power Apps

That attachment screenshot is definitely misleading, and attachment upload has been delayed more than we would have liked.  However, we are in the final stages of testing the funtionality now, so attachment upload for SharePoint Lists will be released in March.


Furthermore even though there might be gaps between InfoPath and PowerApps, we do strive to close them, one by one.  On the other hand, PowerApps is bettering InfoPath in some areas like being able to interface with taxonomy fields in SharePoint, not to mention the mobility story.  We believe that in the long run, it will be a much better replacement of InfoPath, but understand the frustrations that are being caused as we reach that point.

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Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi BrokenLink404,

Sorry about that text in the product, we made a mistake to add upload support to the description before we released the feature. We have been actively working on upload of attachments before Ignite last year, it has just taken us (much) longer than anticipated to deliver it. We are still working on it and hopefully will be able to release it soon.
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You may be able to find the solution you are looking for with the Formotus service.  Formotus ( enables you to deploy your current InfoPath forms to iOS, Android and Windows 10.  If you want to migrate away from InfoPath, the Formotus service also includes a form creator that is essentially at parity with InfoPath. Formotus apps work robustly offline, and they support more custom controls than InfoPath (picture capture; GPS capture, etc.); and more data connectors than InfoPath (SharePoint, Google Docs, webservices, PDF, email, etc.)

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PowerApps is a better replacement for some kinds of InfoPath use cases than for others. Here's a blog post outlining the main areas where PowerApps is NOT a suitable alternative to InfoPath:


PowerApps Limitations as an InfoPath Alternative



FilipK based upon your post 2 weeks ago:


" However, we are in the final stages of testing the funtionality now, so attachment upload for SharePoint Lists will be released in March."


Can you provide a status report on when the Attachment funcition (particularly the ability to store attachments in Sharepoint Libraries) is anticipated to be released.  This is a feature which seems to have had numerous anticipated release dates.  The most current was that it would be released by the end of February.  Many of the developers are waiting on this feature and we have Apps that are ready to be promoted and launched but need the Attachment capability. 


Thanks, Marc...

The attachment upload functionality that supports SharePoint lists will be released next week.  Out of the box support for document libraries will require more time, we don't have a specific date, rough estimate is 6 weeks.

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Thanks for the update.  It's been a long ride. 

Hey everyone, the attachment upload for SharePoint lists is officially out.  For more details on the upload feature, see this blog post:

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I tried it.  It doesn't work.  I'm shocked. 

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