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Powerapps low performance


We have some issues with all our powerapps since mid-november.

Some days, it's running really slow and it can take up to 3-5minutes to load an application when its 30-60sec on other days.

Even with a new app with 3 items in a form, it takes 2minutes to load and then 30sec to refresh when submitting.


We don't have the problem everyday,

When using the app, refresh time is really long and forms are not loading totally when user hit the submit button. It create a lot of issues in our apps.


I saw other posts talking about similar problems and it seems to be tenant related, not general. 


How can you help us ?

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We are also seeing this issue on our tenant. Even the most lightweight apps are now running very slowly.

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I can also confirm this, everything is slow. Basic functions such as refreshing a data source and clearcollecting its data (250 records, not that much) takes ages to complete. This really messes up patching new data or modifying existing records in data source. We already had multiple incorrect modifications because of this.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @JeromeCGR ,


Could you share more details with your scenario?

What is the data source of app?

What is the formula you are using to call the data source?

Could you please try to clear all connection and re-add them to PowerApps, also turn off all experimental and preview features, to check if this issue is fixed?

Best regards,




Hi @v-siky-msft 

The data source are sharepoint lists

I tried today and apps are fast (its not everyday as i said )


The most problematic app is a single sharepoint list with only one connection and 150items in the list

We use a gallery with a 1 field Sort + 3 if filters on 2 field value (with a "in" )

And another screen with a form showing gallery.selected


FilterView=0;Filter('MyList';"Text1" in MyField.Value);
FilterView=1; Filter('MyList';'Text2' <= Today() && "Text1" in MyField.Value);
FilterView=2; Filter('MyList';IsToday('Text2'-1) && "Text1" in MyField.Value)


We also have another one with 2 gallery, 2 sharepoint lists (~400 items) and filtered with a single textbox startwith filter


Apps have been running for a few months with no issue.


I did what you propose on one app, i'll let you know if we see improvement

Advocate I
Advocate I

My users have also complained about some serious slowness as of late and we have not made any changes to our app in weeks.

The issue does seem to come and go daily.

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