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Powerapps not opening on Edge browser, works fine with chrome

Hi Team,


Powerapps are not opening on Edge . When I go to console . It is showing 


  1. Missing clientId
  2. SCRIPT5022: SCRIPT5022: clientId is required

Please help.





Sorry, yes to which question?
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It is the url and those are in the trusted sites.

It is only working on IE. It is not letting me login via Chrome or Edge. For Chrome, it keeps asking me to authenticate and Edge - it just does not load and throws an error saying it cannot connect.


I have used the link you provided, but it does take me to the PowerApps page, but does not authenticate even after trying to authenticate numerous times. Any update on the timeline for the fix? Thanks!

Hi @BB9 , 


Can you post a sreenshot or video of what exactly you're seeing? 


Additionally, if you got to the Network tab in the Chrome DevTools (Press F12 when focused on the PowerApps Tab) and refresh the page, do you see any errors / bad responses (E.G. - not 302 or 200) when you look for any calls to "/authorize"?


For example:


The above is a successful call to authorize




Hi Cherie,


Is there somewhere we can vote in favour of this fix being implemented quickly? Your solution worked brilliantly, by the way :).


Initially it wasn't clear to me that your suggestion is that we 

concatenate "" with the AppID for the PowerApp being launched in Edge, but this is clearly what you did to arrive at the successful work-around that you've recommended. I'm rolling out an app now and we have some Edge users in our organisation, so I'm keen to vote up this issue to give it priority. 
FYI - the default weblink provided by PowerApps also sometimes doesn't work when being inserted as a web part in a SharePoint site, with the AppID working brilliantly as a work-around. Ideally, the URL provided by PowerApps should work both in Edge and SharePoint, so if this isn't already in the dev pipeline, working on the SharePoint integration along with the Edge integration would be fantastic.
Many thanks for your help with this issue.
Best regards,

We're working actively to fix the Edge issues. Usually, the issue is one of the issues listed in this site -


I will follow up with regards to the sharepoint web part issue.

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I'm having this same issue.  Was there a longterm fix?

Hi @Anonymous ,


Specifically with Edge/IE, this can be cause by network configuration issues on the user's side. 

As a first possible step, I would take a look at the troubleshooting link (specifically the section regarding trusted sites) that cherie previously posted previously


A few things:

- Does this happen in IE? 

- Can you share a screenshot?

- What is the url you are trying to open?

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Hi, I am having the same issue a couple of months after and I saw that they were working on it. Was the issue ever resolved?

We have fixed all known issues in Edge, so if you are still having an issue, can you please describe the issue to me? Have you checked your trusted sites (it was linked in an earlier comment)?

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