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Advocate III

Powerapps on Android getting connection not configured for this service

I have a Powerapp that calls a Flow which writes to a document library.  I have wrote this app to use offline more of Powerapps but using a collection which is passed to flow using a timer (30 seconds if it matters).  Everything works fine while I am connected to the network.  As soon as I put it in airplane more the app runs, lets me enter data like it should, save it to the collection.  Once I shut airplane mode off and the timer event fires I get a Connection not configured for this service error when it tries to run the Flow.  Kind of stumped here since it works fine if I do all the data entry when connected to the network.  As well I am an owner of the PowerApp, Flow, and SharePoint site and list where the data is wrote to.  Anyone have any ideas on this one?  



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @MauriceVold ,

Do you mean that if your app first run offline and then run online, it will show errors?

Since many connections and functions need to work online, if you work offline, some functions may not work.

I suggest you try SaveData and LoadData functions. These two are designed for saving data offline and loding data online.

Here's doc about it for your reference:



Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu
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Yeah I know about Save and Load Data used it before.  Basically what I am doing is this in a timer onendevent:

If(Connection.Connected && CountRows(CollectionBin) > 0,
Set(varReturnCode,CollectionPhotoUploadAutoConnection.Run(Concat(CollectionBin, FileName & "|" & Image & "|" & TruckNumber & "|" & StreetName & "|" & StreetNumber & "|" & EmployeeID & "|" & PhotoTakenDateTime & "|" & BinSerialNumber & "|" & MissedCategory & "|" & Latitude & "|" & Longitude & "|" & Notes & "|" & OtherNotes & "#")));



The user that I had test had an iOS device and it did not seem to have the issue but my Pixel 3 and LG did.

I tested on an iOS device and it did not work there either.  Hmmmmm.  Cannot see what I am doing wrong here at all.

I tested one of my apps that had a button to connect to the flow and run once the app comes online but it to is failing now with the error "connection not configured for this service".  I know that app was working a month or 2 ago for sure as the users were testing with it and wanted to switch it to auto connect, which I did with a new app.


Anyone from MS want to offer some advice?



I am going to put the steps I use for testing here as well in case that helps:

1. Ensure device is connected to network

2. Run the app once to ensure it downloads and installs

3. Exit PowerApps

4. Put device in Airplane mode

5. Start PowerApps

6. Start App

7. Enter some data and save it.

8. Turn Airplane mode off (this way network comes back to life).

9. App is supposed to upload data via Flow to SharePoint library.  This is where I am getting (connection not configured for this service).


So in step 9 PowerApps seems to know it comes back online fine as I have an indicator on my screen that shows it is now connected (connection.connected check in a label).  Just when it goes to run the flow it throws the error.  Kind of wondering if it has an issue with authenticating at that point.

To help you with this, when no internet, you ALWAYS get an error when trying to reach a flow. This error is not specified to "no internet" but mostly as "bad gateway" or something.

A powerapp initializes a flow as a data connection/source on startup. So make sure you are connected on startup.

You should overthink it how to solve offline. Store it locally and make a sync button enabled when internet is connected..

When I follow the stops I listed I always get the error yes.  I tried with a button as well in a version of the app that has one and it seems to have the same issue and I know that was working fine.  Maybe some bug they introduced recently maybe.  I opened a ticket with MS to help out since I bet they have logs available to look at.


And yes I had a button in a different version of the app but the end user really wanted an auto sync feature.  I wanted the button so that the data was saved to the device and could be retrieved and submitted again if something went wrong but hey users know what they want 🙂  I may change the app some still and save the data and have the ability to load the data up and submit if the owner actually fires the app up - just in case. 🙂


Just to update everyone.  Microsoft has raised this issue as a high priority bug with their product team.



Just a quick update from Microsoft:

I understand the your situation. However there is a known issue with flow for shared users in offline mode and our PG team is investigating and working on this issue.
Once the PG team fixed the issue you will able to run the offline app without any issue.
We are apologies for the app is not working as per your convent.
As of now we don’t have any ETA for that.
Once we get an update on the ETA we will let you know as soon as possible.



I am the Technical Manager for Microsoft Team and this case is got to my attention as the reported issue is determined to be a known design behavior and the Product Group is provided you a workaround.
After performing investigation and having multiple contacts with the engineering team, the reported issue is identified to be by design.


I have to find out what that last response means but I hope it doesn't mean no fix is coming.


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