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Powerapps problem accessing JSON collection



I'm having difficulty accessing data in a collection, via PowerApps.


I create the collection with this:




Using Developer Tools -> Network tab -> Response body - the following JSON data is returned:


  "answers": [
      "answer": "This is the answer",
      "questions": [
        "Private vehicle eco renewal"
      "score": 82.901087775826454


The collection is created.


I then add a gallery control to my page - however the only options I have to bind to the labels are: ThisItem.Value


If I try to enter ThisItem.Value.answer I get the error: Invalid use of '.'


If I enter ThisItem.answers.answer I get the error: Invalid name


Is there any way for me to access the answer text within the collection?


Thanks for any help,



Super User II
Super User II

I wasn't aware you could create a Collection out of a JSON object that way. Did you look at the collection after it was created by the collect() to see how it is structured? In PowerApps Web Studio > File > Collections > Select a collection. This should show you what the collection looks (columns and rows).

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Hi Jeff.


I can create a collection like this:


Collect(faqs, {
question:{answers: [{answer: "This is answer1",
      questions: ["This is question 1"],
      score: 93.2



That then creates this:






But within Poweapps - I can't seem to reference beyond faqs.question:




So the collection is there - I just can't seem to get to the parts I need.


Thanks, Mark




Hello @marktait,

If you are still looking an answer to this,
Label1.Text = LookUp(LookUp(faqs,true,question).answers,true,Value).answer

Check your syntax in the expression you create the collection and notice when the expression LookUp(LookUp(faqs,true,question).answers,true,Value).answer, has a dot, and when a LookUp, in order to go deeper.
If you have questions I can help more.


I have a collection created, pulling data from an array. In my array, I have multiple properties in my objects, but I can't seem to get at those properties. In the below example, I'd want to get the "link" property of the "parent" object.


My array is coming in as: 


"parent": {
  "display_value": "123",
  "link": ""
"shadow": "false",
"updated_on": "2018-12-07 10:30:52 AM",
"number": "12345",
"u_task_for": "",
"top_program": "",
"schedule_start_date": "2017-10-11 12:35:47 PM",
"state": "Draft",
"sys_created_by": "M2R",
"knowledge": "false",
"order": "",
"work_duration": "",
"short_description": "abcd",



Hello mysticode,

Does the following work for you?


Thank you for your reply.


I tried this, and an error is returning. Please note that I am doing this in a gallery (not sure if that changes anything):




I loaded the JSON you supplied into a collection, colTest.

To get the value of the first item, use the following (e.g. in the text property of a label):


To show in a gallery, I simply set the Gallery Items property to colTest

I then created to labels with the following text properties:



Okay, I see.
If you want to display it in a gallery, you can try:
Gallery1.Items : enhancements
Label1.Text :


When I try to use in a Text property function:


The error coming back is:


Invalid use of '.'


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