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Prefiltering a table to avoid delegation issues

Hoping that this is possible:



  1. A SharePoint list (table) of assets in the organisation (ID, Asset Type, Manufacturer, etc.)
  2. A SharePoint list (table) of people in the organisation (ID, Name, Phone number, etc.)
  3. A SharePoint list (table) of people and assets that they hold (one-to-many relationship - person ID to possibly multiple asset IDs)
  4. A Collection (table) of people, as selected by the user of the app
  5. A Collection (table) of asset types, as selected by the user of the app


Desired output:

  • The user selects a list of people (which is collected into set 4) and a list of asset types (which is collected into set 5).
  • The app then returns a list of assets (from set 1) which are filtered by asset type (checks in set 5) and also filtered out if they don't have a relationship with the person (checks with set 3).

I have written something which works for the first 2000 relationships, but runs into delegation issues because of an "in" operator.


My normal approach would be to pre-filter the relationships table, so I could do something like:

If( AssetType1 in Set5, Collect( stuff )); If( AssetType2 in Set5, Collect( stuff )); etc.

But that hard-codes the asset types!


Is there a way to pre-filter the big table of relationships (when both criteria that I could use to filter are tables of arbitrary length/size)?


Many thanks in advance!


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