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Prevent a patch if record already exists



I've read this thread before i post


I have a Sharepoint list with a colum Name "Nom et prénom"


Annotation 2020-07-08 160813.png


Annotation 2020-07-08 161022.png


On my apps i add this


And finally on the sumit icon, i add this syntax


Annotation 2020-07-08 161615.png


I don't why i have this warning. 

Is because my column "Nom et prénom" is a person column ?

Thanks for your help




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I think DataCardValue10.Selected.Value

But check the Update property of the card containing the control.

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Dual Super User

The warning is there because CountRows is not a delegable function.  But if you are sure that the filter will return less than 500 rows, which in this case you are, then you can ignore the warning.

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Revise the portion:

'Nom et prénom'.Value=nonPernom.Text


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@Pstork1 Thank you but since i add the if condition, i can't submit my forms.



I modify to this ..but nothings change 😞


If(CountRows(Filter('Test QCM';'Nom et Prénom'.DisplayName=NomPrenom.text))>0;
Notify("Enregistrement existant";NotificationType.Error);;

'Test QCM'; 
Defaults('Test QCM');


Hi @Anonymous ,


If the NomPrenom is a Textinputbox to input Name, the Text property should begin with a capital letter.

Please modify NomPrenom.text to NomPrenom.Text.

Hope this helps.


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No it's not a inputtext box it's a person or group. 



But i' ve found a tricky way, i check this on my sharepoint list 



But this is not a sustainable solution because if the user wants to change his answer late then he can not do so.




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hi @v-siky-msft , @eka24 , @Pstork1 


Let me come back to you and make my need a little more clear.

When a user edits and changes their saved data, it will create a new record in the SharePoint list.

How can I avoid this?


In this example, the test user has just changed their information to update it.

Instead of changing its initial record, this created a second record




If you are using a form in Power Apps why are you using Patch() instead of SubmitForm()? 

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In fact, I have a form that is on 2 pages in the app and I need to use patch in order to be able to record the information contained in screen 1 and screen 2. The syntax works very well 





I didn't test the exact syntax, but you want something similar to this.


The IF checks to see if a Record with the same Title already exists.  The title field is normally an index, but use any field that will be unique for a give record. If the Title doesn't exist (IsBlank) then patch the datasource using the defaults.  That will create a new record.  Otherwise Patch the datasource using a Lookup to update the existing record.

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