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Kudo Kingpin

Print() entire gallery not just visible portion


Excited about printing functionality. 

Used a Icon, Onselect Print().


However, it is saving pdf as only visible portion of the gallery in the app screen (about 20%). 
I have a scrollable gallery in which I still need to print the remaining 80% not visible. 

Any advice on how to print all? Not just the visible portion.




Super User
Super User

Hi, the Print() function will take an image of the screen and controls visible on the screen. you will see if you add a new screen there are now paper sizes available. you would need to make sure that all of your gallery items that you want to see in the print are visible / filtered in the gallery. anything not in view will not be printed. if you need to print gallery items that contain hundreds of rows you would need to compile the items in html code, probably using the concat function and the use PowerAutomate to create a .pdf from the html code. there are various videos of how to do this on youtube. 

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Hi @radiosonicfan ,




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Reza Dorrani, MVP

Super User
Super User

@RezaDorrani I love your videos and didn't even know this existed, you have no idea how much this just saved me! I have spent months making a Flow that would do this exact thing.

@RezaDorrani Thanks for video.

I think the IF printing logic will solve my issue. Since my gallery won't be changing sizes I can likely can skip the multiplication portion. Will report back. Again, thanks for the video. 

Just got a new work laptop. Normally log in as kgordish, but was having permissions issues. Can't tell if related. Both my user names thank you. 

Super User
Super User

It's a great video, however, the issue still remains that you are limited to 1 print page only. all this is doing is fitting your enlarged screen to the page. I can't see a massive benefit of this over just scaling the gallery template and item text size down to fit the required items on the A4 screen, which would give the same result. By adjusting the screen size, at some point it would scale the gallery items so small that you would not be able to read it, you would need to consider using FirstN() to limits the gallery items. It looks like for large galleries, 100 items + (depending on template size) you would have to put page breaks in using HTML & create the document using PowerAutomate.


Interested to hear other peoples views on this...

Super User
Super User

I think it's a great solution and I think his warning was fair - I found given one of the screens I'm working in, if I have a gallery with object sizes around 30 height, it can fit about 50 rows (with a big header at the top) that I can still see without straining.

I don't think the Print() function is intended to be used to capture huge sets of data, as he mentions; I think it's just supposed to be a handy thing to quickly grab a bit of information. Setting up a Flow to create an HTML table isn't awful, which is nice.

@zmorek  "Setting up a Flow to create an HTML table isn't awful, which is nice."
Dealing with 70 plus fields. Trying to avoid flow for printing. Smaller field counts looks doable. 

Resolver II
Resolver II



Seems this is still an issue with a form with many fields. In my case I have 70+ fields on a display form and I need to print all the fields on A4 size paper along with their UI background.  I tried to use "Portrait Print" screen but dint work.


Also as my content is static, I just gave it a try by increasing Form Height  before the print function like below 

PrintButton.OnSelect = FormViewer1.Height=2500;Print() 


but this doesnt work.


Any recent changes/improvements on this print functionality.?

I'm getting an error, "This rule creates a circular reference between properties, which is not allowed. A property cannot reference itself or other properties affected by ts value." when I attempt to use "Self.TemplateHeight*CountRows(Gallery1.AllItems)"

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