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Helper I
Helper I

Problem with Add Image Control and appres//blobmanager

I need to get the actual data or URI of a picture, that was added using the "Add Image"-Control.
Instead of the picture data (or URI) I get: 


Which is completely useless to me.

Is there no way to access the picture data?

And if there isn't why would you even introduce this local reference?
Why would anyone want to load a picture into PowerApps but then not be ablet to process it further?
Either I am missing something or I am doing it wrong.

I am aware of the few (always the same 3) entries that get always posted as an Answer, they don't work for me.

I don't have trouble uploading a picture to Sharepoint, I have trouble getting an actual picture!

(This also seems to be a relatively new problem? In all the older posts people don't seem to have trouble with the actual selection of the picture.)

I am grateful for any help.


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I posted a video the other day on putting a signature from PowerApps into a pdf document. An image of any sort would work the same. I'm new at the whole "video" thing but check it out and see if it will help with what you are wanting to do.


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Resolver III
Resolver III

I agree.

I used Attachments instead so that I can get the name, with this as the 'OnAddFile'
Collect(colAttachments, AddColumns(RenameColumns(Value_Attachments.Attachments,"Value","ContentBytes"),"'@odata'",""))

And these can then be displayed in a gallery etc.


But this has an issue also where the attached image may be removed from the source when it is uploaded via mobile.

Thank you, I might try that later on.

Community Champion
Community Champion

The only one that doesn't pull in like that is the Camera itself. It works fine for displaying back in PowerApps but is useless outside of PowerApps..the Signature is the same way.


Couple of work arounds for this but none that I really like. 


If uploading I too use the Attachments card and if taking muliple photos I put them in a collection from the Camera control and then upload them with Patch (but to do that you also need a flow to convert them but it isn't as complicated as the other)



Tank you for the Answer. I currently took another approach. But I am still interested in any insight in this subject.

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What I did was put a hidden Image component "Image1" on the page, set its "Image" to the url. When I accessed the Image1.Image property to Patch, it actually sent through the data.


Try that and see if it work in your use-case.

Thank you for that suggestion, I don't have the time to try it now, but this might help others.

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So has anyone solved this problem? My image returns appres://blobmanager/67076544a64c4d2ca2e8d919e4337a1f/13 but i want to convert it to a url so that i can embed in my html. Right now it doesnt render the image in my html.


any help would greatly be appreciated. 🙂



Are you using the 'Add Picture' control the 'Camera'? 


And when you say you want it to embed in your that HTML you have directly in PowerApps to send an email or something? (meaning not via Flow)

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Hi Rebeccas,


I want to convert the html to pdf then send it as an email.



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