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Advocate II

Problem with attachments box in SharePoint form ?

I have a problem with the attachments box in a custom sharepoint form.
My form contains an attachment box, drop down fields and image galleries .
The drop down fields are populated with the list of files in the attachment box. The image gallery displays the picture selected in the drop down fieldsnap1.png


The form is splitted in 3 screens: New screen, edit screen, view screen.
In my view screen, when I try to get the attachments in the collection colAttachments in the "OnVisible", the collection doesn't seem to be correctly populated ! 


I have added the following label to the view page to debug:
"Count rows in colAttachments: " & CountRows(colAttachments) & " - Count files in Attachments box: " & CountRows(AttachmentsBox_2.Attachments) & " - Count in On Visible: " & countInOnVisible
And for one record with one file attached


I got following result -

I got 2 rows in colAttachments instead of  1 row (maybe value 2 coming from previous displayed record ?)

I added a button to refresh the colAttachments on select: ClearCollect(colAttachments;AttachmentsBox_2.Attachments) and I got the good number of row in colAttchments when I click on the button



Why the On visible code is not returning the correct value ?  bug with the attachment box ?

Thanks for your feedback

Community Support
Community Support



Do you want to count the attachment files in the attachmnet box in your form?

You can try the next workaround.

For example:






Best Regards.


Hello Yumia, 


Helas ...  Your work around doesn't seem to be a solution for a view screen


Why the ClearCollect  in the OnVisible section doesn't set the correct value in the collection ? 






In the edit screen, I try to update the value of the drop down field with the list of Files in the attachments box with

DropDown field

OnSelect: ClearCollect(colAttachments1;AttachmentsBox_1.Attachments)

Items : colAttachments1  value: Name


but I have also a strange result:

Capture DropDown not showing name.GIF

The drop down display empty lines in the drop down for the files already saved and display correctly an added file


What can be the issue ? 



Do you try as next?



Best Regards.


Yes @v-yuxima-msft . I did the same as you for the New screen as it is the screen where I can add/remove files. I don't have issue there.  


For the View screen (when I browse a record of the sharepoint list for example), I can not use it as I don't have interaction with the attachment box. I initialize my collection colAttachments with ClearCollect(colAttachments;AttachmentsBox_2.Attachments) in the OnVisible section.


For the Edit screen, I do a ClearCollect(colAttachments1;AttachmentsBox_1.Attachments) to get the attachments already uploaded from a previous session ... but the name retrieved is blank !

snap collection content.png 

Name is OK for the third file when I add it to the two ones already saved.

Capture DropDown not showing name.GIF


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