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Helper II
Helper II

Problem with hiding some data cards on a form


I'm trying to hide of make visible form fields based on an option set choice. 

Data Card 9 is the option set I want to set other fields visible property against with an option set choice of "Scan" or "Destroy". 

I've tried this formula  

If(DataCardValue9.Selected.Value = "Destroy",true,false) 


However I get formula errors saying:

"Incompatible Type. We can't evaluate your formula because the values compared in the formula aren't the same type"


How do I resolve this?



Accepted Solutions

Hi @matt1405 


Instead of Choice('Scan or Destroy') give this ["Scan","Destroy"] then put the visible property to Datacard9.selected.value = "Destroy"

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Helper V
Helper V

Hi @matt1405 ,


is the datacardvalue9 is of dropdown with items string type or else it is any other type? 

if it is dropdown with string type you can set the visible property as datacardvalue9.selected.value = "destroy" this will be enough no need of if condition.

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The issue is that you are trying to compare 2 different types of data, try :


If(DataCardValue9.text = "Destroy",true,false) 


If you are talking about dropdown, then "selected.value" should work!

Thanks @rimiac and @Krishna98 

I tried If(DataCardValue9.Selected.Value = "Destroy", true,false) and still get the same result. 

Both the DataCardValue9 and the Data Card I'm tying to hide are option sets, could that have an effect?

@matt1405 Can you please add the screenshot of your option set control to your question? Also, what type of data is stored in option set?

This information will help us to answer your question correctly.

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Hi @ganeshsanap 




I want to hide some fields based on he choice of scan or destroy. 

Number of files is a numeric field but the same issue appeared with a different field showing an option set showing choices 1-50.


Any ideas?

Hi @matt1405 


Instead of Choice('Scan or Destroy') give this ["Scan","Destroy"] then put the visible property to Datacard9.selected.value = "Destroy"

Thanks @Krishna98  that's fixed it. 

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