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Helper II
Helper II

Problem with relationships and Patch function


I can't use relationships in PowerApps.

I have 3 lists: "Product", "Order" and "ProductOrder".


Order listOrder list

"Product" and "Order" only contain the "Title" column with required value.

In "Product", I insert a record to perform the tests.


ProductOrder listProductOrder list"ProductOrder" contains 2 columns. their type is "Search" with required value. This search points to the "Id" column of the "Product" and "Order" lists.



FkProductId fieldFkProductId field





I would like to insert a record in the "ProductOrder" list when I create a record in the "Order" list.


I have tried with the following formula :


Set(newId; Patch(Order; Defaults(Order); {Title: DataCardValue1.Text}).ID);;
Patch(ProductOrder; Defaults(ProductOrder); {FkProductId: 2 ;FkOrderId: newId})



Here is the error message: "The type of this argument 'FkOrderId' does not correspond to the expected type 'Record'. Found type 'Number'".

How do you manage relationships the right way ?



Community Champion
Community Champion

I'm going to indulge in a little moan here... If MS are going to push people into using SharePoint as a datasource (by requiring premium licensing for SQL and Dataverse) they could at least do something to 'fix' working with Value fields and LookUps.

The '@odata...' syntax is completely non-obvious/intuitive and not supported by intellisense, so the only way people can figure this out is by looking it up online.

Power Apps is supposed to be easy for 'non-devs' and yet this issue (which affects many people) has not been addressed for years while instead effort goes into adding Mixed Reality and other highly niche features.


With your changes, I have 4 error messages:

"Invalid argument type. Expected record value but with a different schema."
"Incompatible type. The 'Id' column in the data source you are updating expects a 'Number' type and you are using an 'Error' type."
"Missing column. Your formula does not have a 'Value' column with a type of 'Text'.
"The 'Patch' function contains invalid arguments.

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