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Advocate II

Problems with Records when creating/editing/viewing a SharePointIntegration based Powerapp

Hi all.

I'm struggling to understand a problem I'm seeing on every Power App I'm creating using the 'SharePointIntegration' approach (when you are in a SharePoint List and you choose the 'Customize Forms' option under the PowerApps tab).  

To see what happens, please look at the pics I've created below (had wanted to add a video clip but not possible?)

To explain, when you create a record in a List (using the 'New' button from the Lists View), you get a blank new form which you can fill in and then save - that's fine.  However if you then go and look at any record already in the List by clicking on an entry in the View, you briefly get displayed the field values from the last record you looked at (perhaps only for a second) and then these get replaced by the record you selected.  Every time you open a record it very briefly displays the 'last' examined record details and then the field values get replaced.  If you subsequently create a 'New' document then the 'last' values appear on screen for perhaps only a second, then the fields revert to being blank. 

Is this something which other people have identified please and if so, how did you 'fix' it?  It surely can't be correct to see (even very briefly) the values of the previous record you looked at can it?

I've created SharePoint List-based Power Apps using this 'Customized Forms' approach in 4 different Microsoft Office 365 instances to date and so far and it's shown the same issue in all of them.  Just also to advise I don't get any issues of this sort at all if I create a Canvas App, or use the 'Create an App' method (from the Power Apps tab in the SharePoint List).  

Any experience and help people can provide would be greatly appreciated as this is a major stumbling block to adoption.


Thanks hopefully in advance  - Alan C.

click on a document (BBBB for example) from the SharePoint List View and upon opening it briefly displays the 'last ' document opened (which was CCCC).click on a document (BBBB for example) from the SharePoint List View and upon opening it briefly displays the 'last ' document opened (which was CCCC).

 ghosted image of CCCC appears for about a secondghosted image of CCCC appears for about a second

Finally the document I selected - BBBB - appears after the screen appeaars to 'refresh'.Finally the document I selected - BBBB - appears after the screen appeaars to 'refresh'.


Super User
Super User

Hi @Merley72 ,

I have responded as your post has been there for a couple of days. There is nothing in any adjustable settings that control what you are describing. I assume you have tried clearing caches etc. I also assume you have not changed any of the OnView or OnEdit settings.

I have seen it before myself and some users have mentioned similar things, but is seems to be intermittent.


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HI Warren,

Thanks for the feedback. I did a bit more work on this over the weekend and tested a couple of O365 instances from 'friends' as well as mine. They then tried mine with an overall aim to ensure that it wasn’t just my machine giving the grief and it wasn’t – we all had the same outcome with a brief display of the ‘previous’ document followed by a refresh of the document chosen. At that point I decided to raise it as an issue with Microsoft support.

I have a call booked later today (Monday) with them to show/explain further.  I do think probably it is something beyond our options as designers/developers to affect and certainly it is an inappropriate and ‘wrong’ thing to have happen. How easy it is to fix will be interesting to see.

I've not altered the OnView or OnEdit defaults.  I do think there must be something caching wise which is affecting this as if I open up one document then close it, then refresh the SharePoint View using F5, then open up a second document, the values don't 'ghost' through.  Perhaps some form of Refresh command might help therefore but I will see what Microsoft people have to say.

The whole reason for this is that we have extensively used SharePoint within MS/O365 and it is also a framework greatly used by other companies we complete work for.  Many customers have lots of systems and experience with it and simply want a way of presenting and controlling data in a more up-to-date and appropriate fashion - they very often don't need the Power Apps portal side of things at all.  Very unfortunately though I can certainly think of one company (with about 450 employees) who will not want to proceed with Power Apps if this kind of issue presents itself.

So I'm seriously hoping that Microsoft support will be able to make suggestions etc.  I will keep this discussion updated with outcomes.

Thanks again for your interest.  Alan C.

Having spoken to the Power Apps support team a number of times of the past few days, they are 'certain' that this is not a problem within Power Apps itself, rather that they believe it is likely to be a SharePoint latency/response time issue.  To some extent I think this is possibly correct where the values from the selected record (if it is looking at an existing record) don't load quickly enough into the base form within the browser, However it looks to be a bit of both to my mind, where the speed of load isn't great but also the values which have held over (from the previous record examined) remain in the form until they are replaced with a new value set.

Of course this is pure surmise as to how Power Apps works within the context of a SharePointIntegration / Customized Forms front-end of a SharePoint list. 

So having had the PowerApps people say it really isn't their problem (not in so many words), I'm now being passed over to the SharePoint Technical support team to see what they say.  

As soon as I've something positive to report I will log it.  In the meantime do keep well people.

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