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Process Control / Repeated Checklist possible?

Hi all,


I am currently using a free version of a piece of software integrated with Yammer which documents processes and creates checklists that can be started, then completed and repeated.


I am wondering if the same thing could be created through PowerApps, Flow, SharePoint and Power BI.


The best example of what I'm talking about would be a quality audit.

- There are a series of steps that have to be followed over and over again

- Questions need answering that require either a file upload or comments

- It's not completed in one sitting

- Multiple staff contribute at different stages

- A visual overview is required to see where different audits are up to


My thoughts so far are to have a PowerApps interface with the set "Checklist" for input and possibly Flow to get the information from/to SharePoint (?).  Then connecting PowerBI to the SharePoint list for live data updates.


Sticking point is getting an overview of where things are up to and having someone else able to pick up the audit when it's midway through - possibly an integration with Planner (?).


Please share your thoughts 🙂



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Re: Process Control / Repeated Checklist possible?


It's a long time since this was posted, but I'd like to add my interest in doing something like this.

We are starting to manage projects using SharePoints.  But we see that managing the individual tasks may be done better by using Planner.  We'd therefore like to enter the main tasks in a task list in SP, but there is a large amount of smaller, individual tasks that we'd like to share out using Planner.  Since there is no template facilities in Planner today, we are looking into using PowerApps to create the Planner tasks with the checklists.  In addition to that possibly using PowerBI (?) to monitor the status of the tasks, so that the project manager by the use of Traffic Lights could se what is completed and what remains.


We may be pushing PowerApps here, because all the examples I have seen so far, have been relatively simple tasks.  Does anyone have examples of more complex use of PowerApps?




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Re: Process Control / Repeated Checklist possible?

Hi @Anonymous


I think my recent app is one that fits into this 'complex' category.


Basically, the app uses data from Azure SQL DB (around 28 tables to read from and write to) in order to track a new employee progress through the business. So they have different milestones they need to pass, different checklists, questionnaires, tasks to complete weekly and the app helps to keep track of where they are, holds the proof of what they did (pictures, comments, etc.).


Nothing in the app is hardcoded, there are multiple screens, each screen serving as a template for a checklist, questionnaire, etc. which at runtime are being dynamically build with data from the database based on the current user. 


Overall, is nothing too complex, it's just gathering and displaying data, the complex bit I could say it was to make it generic enough to allow new types of forms to be created and to make it to calculate the user progress.


I think from the point of viewing task progress, if you haven't seen it, the service desk app could be used as a good example.


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Re: Process Control / Repeated Checklist possible?

Hi although this was posted some time ago, Melinda your commentary interests me around the non hardcoded and dynamically created aspect you mention.

We have a whole bunch of checklists that while are similar groups the actual items are location specific, we want to use a single app - but have the checklists displayed based on location, but hardcoding each one, is both a bit like a lot of work, but also means should items change(say a telephone number), would be time consuming and challenging to get changed.

So I’d be interested some more on any examples you have or concepts of how you achieved your solution for dynamic forms.

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