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Helper II
Helper II

Prompting user to enter filename


I have created a canvas app that collects user data and populates a word document, then converting it into a PDF. This PDF gets stored in the Onedrive. 


Issue:  Everytime the user feeds data and submits the document, the same document is getting refreshed instead of new pdf file generation. I need the user to enter a filename manually and then to submit the form to get saved sepeartely.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Vignesh_2112 

Could you share more details with your apps? Screenshots, Codes, Data source?

How did you populate the word document and convert to PDF? By flow? Could you share the steps?

More information is needed to provide further assistant.



Please learn through the below link.

Looking at your video, if you want people to be specifying the end file name, I'd suggest using a combination of IsBlank, Notify and SetFocus. This would be included in the OnSelect property of your final button.

If(IsBlank(<FieldName>),Notify("Enter a file name",Error);SetFocus(<FieldName>),

Where <FieldName> is your text input. 


I'd also consider having another step in your flow to check for the existence of the file name already in the eventual directory. If it already exists, have it add an increment after the file name to differentiate and not lose data.

Are you able to populate word document?



If you have only 2 or 3 parameters passed from PowerApps to PowerAutomate and it doesn't seems that you'll need the word document after the PDF file creation, why don't you reconsider your solution and use html code instead to create in OneDrive the data for PDF file.

In this way you have the possibility to name your file as powerapps parameter.



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