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Provide Link to PowerApp Item

I'm trying to create either an email notification or a push notification that links back to a direct sharepoint list item (say an assignment scenario) so that the user can then pull up the item assigned to them directly in power apps.  Is there a way to do this either through powerapps or flow?

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I am looking to do this on create / modify of an item in the sharepoint list.


i want to send an email via Ms Flow with a link direct to that item in the app.


You mentioned the next release, is there any more information you can give with that? or is it still not possible?





@Anonymous have a look at this Blog Post by Mehdi, it's really good write up on "deep linking" i.e. getting to a specific item on a specific Screen


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This is exactly it , thank you!

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Do you know if it is possible to clear a paramter on button click.

E.g. i have the deep link working to go straight to the detail of an item based on parameter fed in the url, however if you then navigate fromt here the parameter still has a value.


I could get rid of some of the navigation when the paramter is set but i would rather clear it and allow free navigation from the app again.


thanks in advance



Although you cannot directly clear the parameter, you can instead use the Set() function to cache the value and modify it as needed. When you open the app, you could have the OnStart() function call

Set(someLocalVariableName, Param("parameterName"))

Then, when you are done and want to clear it out, you can call

Set(someLocalVariableName, Blank())
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I see what you are saying , but this again doesn't seem to change the URL which keeps in the loop of the parameter driving the navigation of the app.

Receive link from flow to specific item through URL + Parameter. Once inside the app can't clear the parameter to resume normal navigation of the app.


I could launch the app again if the parameter has a value but then that is opening another window 😞


Anyone who has a solution to this please let me know



Correct, this behavior is by design. The parameter cannot be set within the app because it is provided by an external source. If you wish to have control, you need to use a separate variable which initially stores the passed in parameter and can be modified based on the flow of the app. Your detail screen can then operate based on this variable and not directly using the Param() function.

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I did see someone mention use a variable to clear the parameter, is there any example or documentation around this?





Again, you are not clearing the parameter. The parameter will always be fixed as the URL does not change. Instead, you store the value from the parameter into a separate variable. You can do this using the functions I provided above.

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Go to powerApp and copy the Web link

And Add :   ?ID=628


Final Out put:<APPID>?ID=628


And the logic on the "Form" item capture the value of the ID:


If(Value(Param("ID")) > 0, First(Filter('ConnectionName', ID=Value(Param("ID")))))



If(Value(Param("ID")) > 0, FormMode.Edit,FormMode.New)



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