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QR Code generation

I am creating an app that adds entries into a Sharepoint list. This part has been mostly straightforward but I now have the following things I want to finish. In my sharepoint list I have a picture column called QRCode in which I whould like to use google's api to create QR codes. I have two problems with this:

  1. I want to include the ID in the QR code of the item I am creating but lack the knowledge.
    1. Should I create the hyperlink in a flow afterwards? I have read that I need to use "Send an HTTP request to Sharepoint" for this?
    2. Is there a way to get the data before I submit the form in my powerapp?
  2. Is there a way to send the resulting picture to a printer via a flow?
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Have you seen this thread?


Pretty definitive discussion on generating qr codes.


Re printing--there isn't an OOTB way to print. Power Automate can do it with a UI Flow (RPA) but it is a bit unpredictable right now.


Printing from power apps is coming in the roadmap, but not here today.


One way I modeled doing this with Power automate was an eprinter that I could email to--even my home cannon printer supports printing from email, so you could have your app or flow email it to the printer.

So yeah, I had already read the forum you mention (that is where I got the idea for using the google api) and although it is thoroughly discussed specifically the topic I was asking about, namely the inclusion of the ID of the form to be submitted into the QR code that I want to generate on submission of the form, was not discussed there. If I wasn't clear on what I want to achieve I will elaborate:


I have a list in sharepoint that has a QR Code column which is a picture hyperlink. In my powerapp the form I have asks for multiple different criteria which I then summarize with a Concatenate formula to create the hyperlink that I submit with the form. My QR Code generates nicely and I have no problems with that. The only dynamic content I want to include for searching properties later on is the ID of the form that I will be submitting and I am having doubts about how best to do so. I have used last submit ID + 1 but realize that if two or more users are filling out the form simultaneously they would get both the same ID + 1 number. I then thought of having a flow append the ID of the Item in the sharepoint list at the end of the hyperlink upon creation but realized that you cannot update a picture column in via flow (I might of course be mistaken).


So now I ask how do I populate the ID into my QR code without risking double entries of the same ID into my QR Code?


Oh and yeah the print feature would be nice because I wish to use thermal printers from Zebra or something similar, to print the generated QR Code. I'll just have to wait or make some kind of a solution.

why do you need to get the id of the record that will be created before you submit it? LastSubmit gets the last successfully submitted record, including any server generated fields like ID. LastSubmit wouldn't see records submitted by other people. 


How about this--before your submit formula do something like

First(Sort('Sales Opportunities',ID,Descending)).ID+1

Replace  'Sales Opportunities' with your table name.


Could this potentially get the wrong number if two people  submit at the same time? Possibly. Maybe you should figure out some alternate ID, such as a unique concatenated name that you can give the records to use in the place of the ID, one that you know would be unique. It could be tied to the record id, but add in the user's initials or something--that way you wouldn't risk duplication.  

After speculation I added an extra step to the submitform where I go to a second screen where the QR code is created and updated (albeit I did have to do a workaround in order to patch the QR field where I made a hyperlink which I then JSON formatted in sharepoint). This way the ID has already been created and I can then use LastSubmit to get the correct ID. This way there is a slight chance of duplicates, i.e. if two or more users submit the form at the exact same moment, but I consider this to be highly unlikely. The autoprint function remains the only must have I have yet to find an appropriate means of doing but nonetheless I will problably have a power automate flow that creates a pdf file containing the QR code which is in turn save to specific location depending on factors in the item which is then in turn monitored by an autoprint program (think Bartender) and which then prints the QR code to a specified printer.


Thank you for your help.

Hey, I am trying to get my form in power apps to generate a QR code based on what was inputted in the form - is it possible to do that in power apps? If so, would you have a solution for it? 


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