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Question about Onboarding Tasks canvas app

Hi all,

I am trying out the Onboarding Tasks canvas template app.

There's one thing that I find disturbing.


When I launch the app, it welcomes me and displays my team members in a Gallery. But you'll notice that the images to not take the entire space of the gallery, which leads to the images not being centered on the screen:



The Gallery control itself is perfectly centered.

Would it be possible to center the images inside the Gallery control?


Many thanks!



I hope this back and forth communication hasn't caused you too much stress! 

I am only concerned about it because I received an email from PowerApps (photo below), saying the outlook tasks and original excel created for the app weren't allowed in the app...

So I have taken out the outlook tasks connecter completely and the original excel I have saved in my documents then re added the data connection.


There is still some access issues for viewing the 'company' section in the powerapp.. think it must be a data connection thats not right for the users..



Its the Office365users connecter it doesn't like!

The data in the team and company section isn't showing for me either now...


@Aimeerosemulls No stress at all!


So that email makes this more a governance issue than an app issue. The short of it is that the Outlook Tasks and Excel connectors are outside of the security policies of your app environment and can't be used in any apps. This change might make things easier in a way, due to the limitations that the Outlook Tasks connector has, but a lot more work will need to be done to get it functional. You will essentially need to remap all the components to your new data connections and update the code on all the buttons to make it work properly. Not a small task but definitely doable! 


What might be best, in the long run, would be to remove those connections, set up and add a new data source that is within the security policies of your environment (SharePoint would likely be a great candidate), and then remap the various items in your app, such as the galleries and buttons to get everything working.


For the lists in question, you could keep the same basic structure that is already there but add a way to identify the user (email address would be a great candidate for this) and a way to mark the status of the task, such as a text field that could hold "Incomplete"/"In Progress"/"Complete" or maybe a true/false value for completeness.


Tracking the email of the current user is fairly easy; there is a User() function that does this, so in the OnStart property of the App section you could add:

Set(glbUserEmail, User().Email)

which would let you filter the tables to get only the items you want. For example, if you had a tasks list called OnboardingTasks and you wanted to filter it to only show the current user's tasks, you would change the Items property of the MyProfileTasks gallery on the MyProfileScreen to the following:

// Where UserID is the field in OnBoarding Tasks that holds the email address for the user
    UserID = glbUserEmail


You could then use the Patch function on the 'Mark as complete' button to set the status, like:

// For a text-based field called Status and assuming the use of an ID and reusing some of the code in place to get UpdateTaskId
    LookUp(OnboardingTasks, ID = UpdateTaskId),


Those are some examples of how to modify the app but you would need to do similar things for the edit screen and the other lists used. I am sorry that neither of us knew those connectors weren't approved as much of our conversation has been about using them! 


As always, I hope this is understandable! And I'm happy to keep at this until you have the app you need!

With the Office365Users connector, what might have happened is if you changed something, even unrelated, in a place where that is loaded in (as far as I can tell the OnStart property of the App section but there could be others) it will clear the data and break the controls using that data. If you select the ellipsis to the right of the App text and select Run OnStart, that may fix things for you. 

Hey again! working on weekends now aha!


I have created my own SharePoint lists for the tasks and the resources and they are all working fine then only issue I am facing now is my office365users connection, no errors in the OnStart formula but in other places with office365users is needed it wont work, it seems like I am missing one small thing... but I'm just not sure what it is


The error messages are:

for the first image- no error message but needs to show team images


for second image- below my name should show my job title- The method UserProfile has an invalid value for parameter 'userId'

this is the formula- Office365Users.UserProfile(MyUserId).JobTitle


for third image- there are many errors but i think they stem from the OnVisible property of the screen-

this is the formula with the errors-


(error the same as before with the User Id)




Sorry to hear about the weekend work, but hopefully we can get these issues solved so you can get to some well deserved R&R time!

On the first issue, when I open the template app I also don't see team images but, in my case, it makes sense as I am a department of one in my company and we haven't really defined our company structure in Office 365. What could be happening is that managers and direct reports haven't been defined yet for your group (though this is doubtful as I see you are a Microsoft employee). I found this article that might be of help with that, but it requires access to Exchange Admin Center or Azure AD.


It could also be an issue with your user ID not being pulled in, which would explain the other two issues as well. One easy way to check that would be to select the following (which are located in the upper many area of the Power Apps studio): View -> Variables. Then select Global and locate the MyUserId variable. If it is blank (or the variable isn't there), that is likely the issue with all three. 


Here is the code from the original app that pulls in the user ID:

Code to pull in MyUserIdCode to pull in MyUserId

As per usual with this app, this is located in the OnStart property of the App section. If it is missing, try replacing it and running the OnStart again.


Maybe we could start with that and see where it gets us? 

It's fixed!! We launched today as a test run to a new starter to see what they say, now I am just looking to jazz it up a bit!

Thank you so so much for all of your help I know its been a whirlwind aha!


I am hoping to bring back some of the functionality from the original template, e.g. the button to mark a task as complete.




@Aimeerosemulls Congratulations on getting it working! If I can be of assistance in the future, feel free to tag me in your posts. 👍

Frequent Visitor

Hello everybody,

I have the problem that the app, when a normal user runs it, does not create the tasks in the corresponding list, but in general under "My Tasks". As a result, they are of course not displayed in the app. When I call up the app, I briefly get an error at the top of the screen that the parameter groupid for OutlookTasks.GetTaskFolders is incorrect or folderid for OutlookTasks.GetTasksByFolder

The app works for me without any problems. Has somebody an idea what is the problem?


Kudo Commander
Kudo Commander

Hi @domkk I get that error too. No solution so far.

In the meantime this issue has been reported in a separate thread as well (by a different person): When trying to replicate Onboarding task Template,... - Power Platform Community (

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