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Question regarding Data Source/ Data Storage

Hi community, 

I want to replace an Excel file where the user first has to input some master data and then answer a bunch of  yes/no questions  (approx. 80). With each question also comes a  text field where the user can add additional information. 

What would here the recommended data source/storage?
I´ve started with SharePoint. Column names would be the questions and associated text field. 
E.g. :
Column Name                              Column Type
Question 1                                    Choice
Add. Information Question 1        Text 
Question 2                                    Choice
Add. Information Question 2        Text 

But it would then have 160 columns within one list and that would hit the SPO list column limit.  

I´m not sure what would be the best approach for that?
I´m thinking of storing the questions within a SPO list, connect them to the Power App and patch the answers to Dataverse or Teams for dataverse?
Could Dataverse (for Teams) store 160 columns in one table?

The other solution I could think of, would be to split the questions and store it all in different SPO lists. But what happens when the user want to save, not submit, the data and then comes back to proceed the input of the data?
I probably need then a master list where he can select the item which he wants to continue with.  But is it possible to create a reference within Power Apps, that the user just select the item in the master list and then all other sublists will open in Power Apps as well?


Super User
Super User


you only need 3 columns. Question Answer and comment. 

Dual Super User III
Dual Super User III

Why do you think SPO has a column limit of 160 columns?  SharePoint has an overall storage limit for an item record (8,000 bytes), but individual columns can go up as high as 255 columns per type per list.


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According to this thread there is a limit of 96 yes/no colums.
I will have about 80 but need for every yes/no column a text column as well.
Not sure if SPO can handle this...

Dual Super User III
Dual Super User III

Yes there is a limit of 96 Yes/No columns, but that is independent of the limit for Text columns.  You can have up to 255 text columns in addition to the 96 Yes/No columns as long as you don't exceed 8,000 bytes in the record.  So yes, you could have 80 Yes/No columns and 80 Text columns at the same time.

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