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Helper III
Helper III

Reconnect PowerApps forms after changing typo in SharePoint site URL?

I built PowerApps forms for a SharePoint list then realised there was a typo in the site URL. I changed the site URL in SharePoint then found the PowerApp had been disconnected and couldn't find how to recover it. 


I renamed the SharePoint site URL back to the original and the PowerApps forms are back, but is there any way to rename the site and use the PowerApps forms I have already built in the renamed site, or do I have to build it all again?


Also if I do need to rebuild is there any way to save my work so I can access it for reference after renaming the site again?



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1. Make you save the app that is working and then publish it

2. Go to the environment you are working in and find the app. Then click on the three dots next to it and click on 'Details'

3. Open the tab named 'Versions' and make a note of the version that is now live. This is the published/working version you should revert to if all else fails. You can revert to this version by clicking the three dots next to the number and click Restore. 


4. Now go change your SharePoint URL back to what you want it to be.

5. Now open the Power Apps studio and remove the incorrect data source. Just delete them. The formula's refering to the old data source name should remain. Don't worry, if this goes wrong for whatever reason you know how to revert to the working version.

6. Add the new correct Sharepoint data source

7. If your data source name (which you use in formulas) has changed, you can use the app checker to find the errors in the formula's and change them to the new data source name. Just overwrite the old name with the new name. Power Apps will automatically recognize the new name as a correct data source. Alternatively you can use the new search functionality to search for the old data source name across the application, and change it like that.


This is the app checker button


This is where you can find the search functionality


If it doesn't work, you can always change the URL back and restore the version that you know works, but I'm confident that you should be able to make it work.

I've tried leaving the PowerApps window open in the browser, then changing the SharePoint site URL, then deleting the data source and creating a new one, but then when I try to save the PowerApp nothing happens when I click the save button so I am unable to save the data source change.


If I change the URL back to the original I can reopen the PowerApp from SharePoint. 


I can't see any way to open the PowerApp from outside SharePoint as it's a SharePoint form app.



Helper III
Helper III

I couldn't find any way to fix this so I rebuilt the PowerApp. To make this a little bit easier I created a new SharePoint site (without typo!) and copied the list to this new site. Then I was able to create the new PowerApp while still being able to use the old one for reference and some copying and pasting.


Still it would have been better if there was a way to change the site URL without losing the PowerApp in the first place. 


klaasdejong - in your reply you referenced PowerApps Studio. I read that this is now deprecated, but does it have any advantage over the browser version?




Hi Leslie,


Sorry for the confusion! When I said studio I meant the current web version through the browser, not the application. I have never really used the Windows application personally so I can't speak to its advantages back then but it is recommended to use the web version anyway.


Glad to see you managed to find your own solution.

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