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Recreate Likert scale from MS forms in a power apps sharepoint list form

Hi everyone - I'm new to using powerapps so please forgive me if this super obvious. I'm try to recreate the following kind question from a Microsoft form in a power apps form for a Sharepoint list. Right now I have it set up so that the user has two drop down lists to choose from, one for the choices on the left and one for the statuses at the top, but this isn't a great fit because it only allows for one choice at a time. Is there some logic I can add for users to add another pair of the list items and have the concat upon submission into one field in the list? These fields change from time to time so it's preferable to have the values populate into a field instead of each field having it's own column, if that makes sense. I work for a very small housing non profit and this form would be used by counselors helping clients. Thanks!



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If you are new to PowerApps then this will be a little challenging. You could try using the Radio button control to build out a gallery, but like I said, this will come with a whole set of challenges.


Why don't you want to just use MS Forms? This is a way easier option. There are also many form software program you could use, like Cognito Forms, which I use extensively. This platform has the Likert build capabilities plus way more features than MS Forms if you are need more form options in the future. It also has a Power Automate connector you can leverage, if needed.

@EddieE Thanks yeah that's a good question re: why not use forms. I think the main reason is that I don't like how forms handles the choices on the left (these are tax foreclosure payment plan acronyms, btw), by creating a new column in the spreadsheet for each entry. Those entries change from time to time and it can get kind of chaotic in the backend if we make changes to the form. I made a SP list with those fields as drop-down choices which works fairly well, but I need to allow multiple choices and corresponding advisement statutes for when multiple plans are advised. I'm thinking about creating 7 drop-down columns with matching statuses to mix and match.


So you can create a basic app like this, if you want?


- Create a new blank Canvas tablet app

- Add a button and add this code

    {Q: "DOOE", Current: "Yes", Response: ""},
    {Q: "IRSPA", Current: "Yes", Response: ""},
    {Q: "NEGTX - IRPSA", Current: "Yes", Response: ""},
    {Q: "PAYS", Current: "Yes", Response: ""}
    Filter( colQuestions, Current = "Yes")

These are you Questions (ie LHS). Current means that you want this question to show in your app. Set it to "No" if you want to hide it.


- Add another button with this code, this will be your responses

    {Response: "Advised", Current: "Yes"},
    {Response: "Prepared, Assisted, or Client to Complete on Own", Current: "Yes"},
    {Response: "Pending or Submitted", Current: "No"},
    {Response: "Approved or Recorded", Current: "No"},
    {Response: "Client Completed on Own", Current: "Yes"},
    {Response: "Denied", Current: "Yes"},
    {Response: "Not Eligible or Client Withdrew", Current: "Yes"}
    Filter( colResponses, Current = "Yes")

Same deal here with 'Current'


- add a blank Vertical gallery to the app, set the Items property to colLikert

- add a label to the gallery, set it's Text property to ThisItem.Q

- add a Radio control to the gallery, make these setting changes

   - Items: 


   - Default: 


   - OnChange: 

Patch( colLikert, ThisItem, {Response: Radio4.Selected.Response}) 

   -  ** change Radio4 to the same name as your radio control


Your app should look something like this


When you make selections, the collection colLikert will update with the selected Response, ie





You can then patch this collection to SharePoint. This is the basics of how I'd set this up but there's more to it. You'd need to maintain lists (or Excel tables?) of Questions and Responses, setting these to Current or Not. You'd also need to consider how you want the data presented. With the collection in this state, you could just maintain Question and Response columns by Client ... or if you need each response to have it's own column then set that up.


Hopefully this gives you an idea of where to head with this?


You mention the format that MS Forms outputs and how that looks unappealing, do you have Excel 2016 or newer? If so, you could use Power Query to clean up that data. Once you have the query written, it's just a case of collecting the new MS form data and clicking refresh, and the data will be cleaned up - something to considered if PowerApps is too challenging?




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