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Referencing OptionSetValue Data Type Later in Form


I posted a question earlier, and someone helped me get more information, but their answer pointed me to a resource that I couldn't find the solution in.

The problem is that I want to reference a data card from my form that uses an OptionSetValue data type in order to choose DisplayMode:

If(RequestTypeValue.Selected.Value="Initial Request", DisplayMode.Disabled, DisplayMode.Edit)

But I get an error on the = operator that the values being compared in the formula aren't the same type. As I understand it, I am trying to compare a string to an optionset, which it won't allow.

Does anyone out there know how to reference an OptionSetValue data type later in a form?



And its a Combo box or something else?


Do a label outside your form and set it to show the selected value of that selection and change it and make sure it shows so we can see if that itself is what is not working correctly or being referred to correctly. Let me know what you end up using to make that lable show the correct selection. 

Yes the RequestTypeValue is a Combo Box with 2 selections of Initial Request or Supplemental


I created a label and set the text property to:



When I change the selector in the combo box it displays my selection in the label.

I'm sorry...I can't think of anything else that could be causing that not to work. I use that a lot because I prefer it over hiding cards. I just can't think of what your issue could be. 


I'll hollar back tomorrow if I think of anything else to try.


Here are the two fields that I created in CDS that I am trying to compare:



I don't ever use CDS so that may be different. I really can't say.


All of my apps are either SharePoint or SQL.


I would think the fundementals are the same because I know they are between SharePoint and SQL but I really can't say for certain. 


Since you did the label that pulls the value you may try to see if you can refer to it and say:

If(Label1.Text="Initial Entry", DisplayMode.Disabled, Edit)


But that shouldn't be necessary. I would try it just to see though.

Wow, that actually worked. So I just added a label to reference instead and made that invisible. You are right though I shouldn't have to do that.

Okay, that is good it worked but I'm not certain why. 


The only think I can think of is that when you put it in the label and referred back to it you were forcing it into Text format. You may try going back to your original code that looked at the combo box and try forcing it into Text format by doing Text(Combo.Selected.Value)="Initial Entry" and see if that will take care of it without the label. 


I normally just use that trick to work through the problem but you don't want to really have to use a label for will get confusing and just plain annoying. 

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