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Refreshing Data Source causes Combo Box/dropdown to stop functioning

Running into a strange bug, or maybe this is be design. We have a few columns in our sharepoint that are setup as choices for a combo box/drop down in our power app. Whenever we make a change to the choices available on sharepoint, then refresh our data source in powerapps, the combo box/drop down stops functioning. We have to remove the card entirely, then readd the card via add fields. While this wouldnt be a problem if it were just a few cards, our list is growing and this is becoming a nusance. Any ideas or tips?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @KevinBostwick ,


Could you please share more about your controls of your App?

What is the column type in your SP list?

What is the formula expression of your control?

Do you mean when you refresh your data source in SP list, the combo box not refresh?


Best Regards.


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Hi @KevinBostwick can you review the questions posed in the above reply and update the thread?


Thank you,



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I do have a similar problem.

I have some combo box in SharePoint and map into PowerApps.

Everytime I add a new field in SharePoint (and should also update PowerApp), I user refresh data source (refresh that specific list).  

After that, none of the combo boxs are working (that means drop downs not appearing any values to select from). I use DataField and DisplayName same as SPO and they haven't been updated even. @Anonymous 

Were you able to solve this issue? I am also facing the same issue as you mentioned. 

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I am having the same issue - it is so painfull. Its been a while - when will this be fixed?

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I have the same problem.

It seems that setting IsSearchable to false helps with this.

However, I have the same problem also for Person SharePoint field, and setting IsSearchable to false is not an option there, only re-adding the field to the form helps.

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Funnily enough, I have spotted this happening whilst setting up cascading drop downs....i.e. the "lead" box is a Combo box which offers a simple choice of 2, which influences the other 3 cascading ones...But whilst working on the drop downs, the "working" combo which to me is a standalone item, will just pack up and die, or randomly start offering the find items or multi item without me having even touched it etc....

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I have same problem.


Changing settings for lookup column in SharePoint list (I changed it to required and to allow multiple values) breaks all dropdowns in powerapps. Refreshing data source does not help. Only way I know, to get it work again is same @KevinBostwick -

1) remove changed field data card from form in PowerApp

2) then add datacard back to form again


In my case there is one more issue - when I add changed field datacard back to form, its "Default" property which is by default set to: "ThisItem.[Field name]" shows error "This formula uses scope, whit is not presently supported for evaluation". Other datacards have same "Default" setting but works without any error. 
So additionaly I have to delete "Defaults" setting of respective datacard, then my other dropdowns work again.

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Yeah, have seen that message too etc - this sort of thing winds me up, as its beyond my control....I dont mind learning and using stuff thats stable, but once items start resetting or changing their behaviours and so on, you start to think whats the me setting up some drop down boxes should take about 10 mins top using a wizard and not having to mess around recoding o'date formulas and navigating "old" names in SharePoint that dont flow down etc.....


This is like changing a rear bulb on a car and the wipers stopping working. Whereas, if I change my tail light bulb at worst I could perhaps expect the rear licence plate holder to stop working (if on same fuse etc), so its in a related area.  But unrelated parts like the wipers or a flat tyre ("tire!") should not be affected if you can follow my awful example here....i.e. yes I expect some related issues when changing objects/controls, but hey, give me a logical chance!

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