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Refreshing SQL Server Schema in PowerApps

Hi There,


I see another similar post to this; however it never really went into much detail.  If I make changes to my Views or Tables in an Azure SQL Server, those changes don't seem to be reflected in PowerApps.  For example, if I add a new field or change a field name on the SQL Server side, those fields won't show up in PowerApps unless I close out and re-open.


What is the best way to go about updating the SCHEMA in Powerapps when I make changes to the SQL Server View or Table.  I continually make changes to the SQL Server side and it would be convenient if there was a fast way to update this.





@Chad1 wrote:
I've since found that you basically need to remove the Data Source to that table or view and re-add it to have changes reflected. However, the Data Connection to the database doesn't need to be changed.

A restart of the on-premises gateway and a refresh of the data source did the trick for me. Not sure how this would work with an Azure DB though.

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Same issue here, using On-Premise Data Gateway and MS Flow.  Haven't tried the gateway restart yet, but simply re-adding the data source didn't do the trick.  My new table is still a ghost.


Microsoft - if anyone is listening, I can see this becoming a major pain.  Please fix!

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is there any update on that? I have the same problem with cloud-based Azuew SQL views


Same issue here still. 


I did restart the Gateway and it appears to work but a major pain. 


I've simply gotten into the habit of always removing and re-adding the view if I make any sort of add/remove/updates.  I've never ran into an issue on either Azure SQL or on-prem SQL servers where I couldn't see a column that exists on the database after removing and re-adding the table/view.  I would investigate the logs of the on-prem gateway to see if they shed any light on the health of the gateway.  Perhaps there is something conflicting with the software.


Advocate II
Advocate II

Hello Microsoft!


Is there already a fix for this?

When I change a view/table or add a view/table it's not reflected in Flow / powerapps!!

This is such an annoying bug.

I keep restarting my gateway (which is in production!)

The other "solution" is to wait 2 or 3 hours...


Best regards,



Same issue as well. I would love to know if anyone at Microsoft is looking into this.  

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Hello Microsoft - trying to get your attention on this major issue.



Tags: @microsoft, bug, major, critical

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I had the same problem. Restarting the gateway and refreshing the data source in the Power App Studio worked. 


I think that this may not be a great issue in a production environment because I suppose that only a few, structured, changes, are committed in a controlled fashion. 


Anyhow it's a tricky way, undocumented, for performing a task that is common during the development phase.


I am also still having this problem. Any schema change does not reflect itself in powerapps or flow. This can take hours to correct itself. I do not have access to the gateway to restart it. Please fix it.

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