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Related Tables in Power Apps -SQL connected

I'm new to Power Apps.

I'm trying to make my Customer History AWA (access web app) data available for edit/add/view on a phone.

I've created a connection to a table (customers) in SQL (Office 365) and an app has automatically been created showing the customers data in the table.

In the newly created app I've connected another table with Customer History (customer history has a lookup to customers)

Is it possible to create more screens in the same App based on the customer history table?


Once done does Podware Apps already 'know' the relationship between customers and customers history tables or do I need to do something?


I don't need lots of details yet - just need to know if it is possible to relate the data and build forms to display/edit/add related records?

If it is possible where do I find out how to do it?


Thanks for any advice

Power Apps Staff carlosag
Power Apps Staff

Re: Related Tables in Power Apps -SQL connected

Currently PowerApps will not now all the existing relationships, however you can certainly add new screens and do the relationships on the client.

In particular for example you could add a new screen (say CustomerHistoryScreen), and in teh Customer screen add a button on the Gallery to navigate to that screen and when you do that you can pass the "record" in the context (like Navigate(CustomerHistoryScreen, Fade, {BrowseRecord: ThisItem}).


Then in the CustomerDetailsScreen, you could add a Gallery and set the Items to the Customer Details data source filtered by the ID, for example Filter(CustomerDetails, CustomerID = BrowseRecord.CustomerID). That way it will display the records of that customer only.


You can follow the same for Inserts and Updates, but depending on the app you might need to rely in using Patch instead of the Form control.

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Re: Related Tables in Power Apps -SQL connected

Thank you I'll give that a try 🙂

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Re: Related Tables in Power Apps -SQL connected

Thanks Carlos!


Since you prefaced that with 'Currently', can we expect that PowerApps will eventually be able to load related tables/entities? I'm trying to use it as a replacement for LightSwitch and unfortunately related tables/collections are one area where LightSwitch had great support so it'd be very useful to see the same in PowerApps if possible.


Thanks again!

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Re: Related Tables in Power Apps -SQL connected

Same here. Lightswitch was a breeze to use. A real pity they turned the lights out 😞

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Re: Related Tables in Power Apps -SQL connected

Hi there, quick question here:


Is possible to achive the same resulta but if one of the tables has a lookup condition?


I mean I have two Tables




And in my Buildings table I have a lookup to ghet the customer ID.


What I am tryint to do is in my second screen filter the gallery based in my customer selected but I am getting invalid argument type.


Filter(Buildings_1,CustomerID = BrowseRecord.ID)


Please help!!!!!


Thanks in advance



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