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Remove items in gallery function not deleting the correct items - random items are deleted instead

Hi all,


I have created an Repeating table in a gallery connected to the collection, the items in the gallery gets patched to a collection with a button outside of the gallery. This is eventually patched to a sharepoint list.


The issue I face is that when I create a delete button inside the gallery item as below, it does not delete the item that I intended it to.






For example, in the image attached, I created 5 items in the repeating table

The items are only saved and patched to the ServerCollection when I click save, and the form is then submitted and all data is patched to Sharepoint.

If i click delete on row 4, it is not guaranteed that row 4 is deleted. while it's pretty random, Mostly row 2 gets deleted first, then 3 etc. If I delete row 1, row 1 is successfully deleted.


Where did I go wrong here? Is it possibly because I have not yet patched items into the collection yet?

How can I ensure that I can delete the correct items in the gallery before patching it?


Thank you!

Helper II
Helper II

Did you try this one - 


On the Delete put this formula on OnSelelect:


(tried this for SharePoint list item directly and it works, not entirely sure if it holds true for collection too)

Frequent Visitor


Sorry if I used the wrong term. It's not a editable table, but a repeating table. So I don't want to delete the item in sharepoint.


What I would like to achieve is option to delete the items that I am creating it in the gallery, before adding it to the sharepoint list.

Lets say I've made a mistake, and don't need this line item anymore. 

Your formula is intended to delete the item from the source sharepoint I think (like an editable table) so that's not what I'm looking for.


Helper I
Helper I

Have you tried this function :  RemoveIf(ServerCollection, ID = ThisItem.ID)

This should work

Frequent Visitor


I just tried this code

RemoveIf(ServerCollection, LineMoniS = ThisItem.LineMoniS)

LineMoniS is the first cell on the left.

Now it just deletes the whole collection when I press the delete icon (I attached a gif of its behavior)


Originally with the below code, my rows were deleting at random (ish).

Remove(ServerCollection, ThisItem)

 For some reason with the same code, now it is consistently deleting the top row first (I also inserted a gif to show this)


I'm really not sure where I went wrong and what I need to fix here.

Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @SafaK 

Did you solve this issue? I'm getting excatly the same scenario



@dchiu did you solve this issue? I am getting the same issue

Super User
Super User


When you create the collection that is the datasource of your gallery, leave the original ID as a field and show it in a label on each row.  To make sure that the trashcan icon is inside the gallery, make its visible property ThisItem.IsSelected  It is not necessary to assign the ID column as this is created by SharePoint when the record is saved.    Select(Parent);Remove(ServerCollection, ThisItem) should work.

Helper II
Helper II

Hi, @Drrickryp  When i try to delete a row , its always delete the first row 

Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 8.09.16 PM.png

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