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Repeating Tables with Gallery - Fields Not Visible

I'm trying to capture some info in a repeating table.  I'm using the gallery method along with a collection, but I'm unable to enter data in the repeating section.  The controls are set to 'Edit' in display mode, however, the gallery comes up as blank.


My understanding of a gallery is that it's supposed to be used to display information rather than submitting it, but all tutorials for repeating table functionality suggest use of a gallery.


Here's some info about the app.  

1.)  There is a long SP form the app is submitting info to.  The form is broken up into three screens.

2.) Screen One is where they must submit data to create a record.  Subsequent screens have the form set to Edit, so the user is updating their record.  (There are some variables I am using, along with LastSubmit to ensure they are updating the same record).

3.) Screen Two has a short form, and this is the screen which makes use of the gallery.   The gallery contains three fields;  two date pickers and a text input that calculates the time between the two date pickers with the DateDiff function and stores it as # of months.  The gallery is activated via an icon in the form, which brings the gallery up as a dialog box and creates a Collection using the ClearCollect function.  [There are no errors experienced here thus far].   A save icon uses the Patch method to write back to the Collection and then create a new row with the Collect function in the gallery.

4.) The form needs to total each 'Months Amt' and store it in a textbox/label that is synced back to the SP List.



The issue is that when the gallery comes up, none of the fields are visible.  I'm assuming this is because the fields by default are set to Edit.. but I'm not sure how to get around this?  And this doesn't seem to be an issue for all of the tutorials I've seen.



Super User
Super User

Hi @illmatic_one ,

You might supply some code here (in Text please)

  • The Items of the Gallery
  • The DefaultDate of your date pickers and the Default of your Text field
  • Any other code you use when interacting with these controls.

Also whether you have tested your data source that the updated data exists.


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Items:  MyCollection

MyCollection contains three fields:  DatePickerCol1="", DatePickerCol2="", & TextFieldCol=0


DatePickers DefaultDate:  ThisItem.DatePickerCol

TextInput Default:  Value(ThisItem.TextFieldCol)


Helper I
Helper I

I also wanted to add, that not only can I not see the fields themselves, but I can't see the labels either.  None of the gallery items show at all.  If that makes a difference.

I believe I have found the main issue.  The gallery does not show unless you're creating a new list item and the Form Mode is set to New.   Is there any way this would work if the repeating table is being added to a Form set to Edit?  

@illmatic_one ,

What do you mean "does not show" - what are the Visible and Items properties of the gallery?

I meant that it literally did not show despite Visible and Items property being set properly.  I eventually realized it was a caching issue with the environment, not with the application itself.

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