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Advocate II
Advocate II

Reporting bugs, bug list, release notes, etc.

Hi there,


I've been using PowerApps for quite a while now (along with other development environments including Visual Studio, Xamarin, etc) and think it's a good product and now being widely used of course. It's debateable about the Premium Connector license/pricing side of things that was introduced after many people adopted it (!) but that aside, it's great tool for developing business applications quickly and easily for both the mobile and desktop and it's greatly enhanced by having this great Community and the forum(s) for getting help and advice from like minded souls 🙂 


... but ...


The thing I've found increasingly frustrating and difficult is the lack and availability of proper bug reporting, bug list searchability and release/fix notes documentation which I know if not this Community's role but hoping that we can raise the issue and get Microsoft to do something about it hopefully to help us all.


They provide great facilities for say Visual Studio environment and particularly for me in the Xamarin developing area for developers where reporting of bugs, access to outstanding issues, release notes, etc., are all readily available publicly and really aid the development task in these environments.   


I won't detail here the specific issues over the last few months I've come across and how the lack of these sorts of support have compounded them as here's not the place for that but my thoughts on what I think would help everyone tremendously are as follows ...


1) A facility to report potential bugs that is publicly (or registered community users) visible rather than the private support request which is currently the only I know of. This would greatly help the "am I the only one having this issue now" problem as a start.


2) A publicly (again perhaps registered developers maybe) bug list/database that can be searched and used to check if an issue has already been found and reported on and is being worked on, hopefully with status etc. Currently there's just no way to tell when one come's across an issue with an app whether it's "something I've done" or there's actually a bug or issue and I know for me at least I've spent a lot of time investigating situations which turned out to be a bug and where if I'd had access to see what issues were currently outstanding I could've saved a huge amount of time and effort.


3) The released version site ( is currently of no use whatsoever as the "New Features" and especially "Fixes and Improvements" are always empty! I think some were filled in many many months ago occasionally but I haven't seen any details (traditionally called release notes!) for any versions for ages and it makes a mockery of having release/version lists unless there's some information about them in it otherwise what's the point?


4) When new releases/version of the build environment (studio) should be an opt-in decision rather than forced/pushed non-option as with other environments (Visual Studio, Xamarin don't automatically update one's environment, it's up to the developer to pull down latest releases) The big reason for this is today's (actually yesterday's) issue that raised this point as the latest studio 3.20084.9 has introduced a bug/issue with container item display (see forum posts on this - can provide details if needed) and this will have affected huge amount of developers without perhaps knowing why they suddenly have an issue as not knowing a new release has been imposed.


I know this probably sounds like a rant and obviously in the wrong place too so apologies, but I've been trying for months to find a way of having these issues raised with Microsoft (and hopefully addressed) as I'm 100% certain I'm not the only one finding this aspect of PowerApps development increasingly frustrating so hoping by voicing here someone may have an idea as to how we can raise these concerns?


Thanks for any help/advice 🙂




Advocate II
Advocate II

Anyone any thoughts on this? 


Hopefully I'm not a sole voice in the world 😞 .. 🙂



I came to this posting while trying to figure out why renaming a form caused all its controls to get rearranged. I found this post: -

and saw that others have seen this problem so I thought I'd try and see how we can raise this issue to the PowerApps project managers. As you pointed out, I found no place to report bugs. Hopefully someone at Microsoft is at least monitoring the forums. 

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