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Helper II
Helper II

Request Operation is Invalid. The $top expression "Infinity" is not valid - Urgent



I have a big meeting tomorrow to present this onboarding app to HR and Execs and all of a sudden im getting the above error on all 3 of my galleries that are empty. As soon as i populate the galleries, the error goes away.


I havent changed anything in a couple of days and was 100% working on Monday.


Has anyone experienced this before??


Please help!




Ahh, you already have a record in the list and it's still giving you the error? That's very concerning, then - it means that there's more at play here than initially thought and blurs what the true cause is...

I definitely agree that there should be no errors like this at all on empty data sources, but seeing as Microsoft haven't communicated anything about this bug in any way, shape or form, we're totally in the dark about when this will be fixed or if it will even ever be fixed.
Helper III
Helper III

Please comment on the Powerapps team if an upgrade is being prepared?

Thanks Ben, I just used Quick Edit to add a row of data to my empty Sharepoint list and it appears to have fixed the problem. 

Adding a record to a list to make sure it is not empty is not a solution or a fix for this!  A list being empty should not throw an error - and it never used to until a few days ago.  An PA update has caused this bug and it needs to be fixed.

Yes, a work-around has been provided, but there are many business cases where a list will/should be empty and having to have the list populated is not a solution.

Please can a proper fix be applied to resolve the bug?

Adding a dummy record did the trick for me. Though I really think that Office365 should be able to cope with empty lists. The "faulty" setup did work for a while and this error has only started to appear recently. As clunky as Sharepoint 2013 was at least it didn't have the random changes/bugs that  0365 seems to provide me with almost daily. Sigh.Smiley Frustrated

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Anyone from Microsoft reading these?

Same Issue here, it started just recently and every now and then will cause an endless loading loop.

@viewfile  Coudn't agree more! This is a HUGE BUG and must to be fixed right away.

Problem is, this is still marked as solved so maybe not even on MS' radar.

@dhock Where we need to go to put it on their radar? 'Cause to a client it just means that Powerapps App are crushed - in an end analysis it means that the Power User just do a trash job 

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