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Helper III
Helper III

Retain status when changing language + Change radio value from other variables

I am looking to better an app I have created. Don't know to do the following.


1. I have two languages the users can choose from. The languages are stored in a Sharepoint list and I use a variable to change the text values in the app. Example from a dropdown list: 


[Switch(varSelectedLanguage,"EN",LookUp(Multilanguage, Title="drop1", EN),"NO",LookUp(Multilanguage, Title="drop1", NO)),Switch(varSelectedLanguage,"EN",LookUp(Multilanguage, Title="drop2", EN),"NO",LookUp(Multilanguage, Title="drop2", NO))]


If I have the dropdown set to value number 2 (drop 2), and then change the language this will reset the dropdown back to the default number one. Is it possible to avoid this? The same goes for my radio buttons.


2. I have a couple of radio buttons for different scenarios. But for some scenarios I would like the following:
- Forcefully change which radio button is selected when I change to a specific value in the dropdown menu.
- Disable one of the radio options if possible (in certain scenarios).


3. Is it possible to clear a text field from another button (OnSelect)?


Solution Specialist
Solution Specialist

1. The Items present in the dropdown change, so it resets. What you could do is add a variable that manages the default value. You would set it to the common value present in a field for both languages, and then set the Default for the dropdown with a LookUp using both the variable and the selected language



- You can do this in the Default setting of the radio control using the value of the dropdown as an argument in an If( function

- Same as above, but you do this in the DisplayMode setting


3. Yes, use Reset(TextInput1) on OnSelect

Helper III
Helper III

Thanks for replying!


1 and 2. I'm kind of a noob. Tried some "Default" stuff, but didn't end up beining able to solve this.
I want the first radio button to be the default choice when opening the app. When I tried to make an If statement, I was able to make the buttons change based on a dropdown menu, but then I was no able to get the right box to be selected "OnStart" or when I change the lanugage.


Not sure how to create this varible for the dropdown box. I guess it's not possible to use numbers (number 1 being  the first choice) in stead of Selected.Value? 


DisplayMode: This disables the entire radio button group. I guess it's not possible to disable one of the choices in a group?


3. Thanks! 🙂

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