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Retrieve Sharepoint list ID on Combobox selecteditem

I need to 
retrieve the SharePoint List ID of a record when i select a item on a combobox


The case: I have 2 forms, the first form is used by the HR to create training meeting schedules (When a record of a meeting is created, sharepoint auto-creates an ID). The second form is used by employees to register for specific meetings. In this second form, I want to get the ID from the training meeting to link in the employees base.


In the employee screen, I have a combobox that brings a list of all the names of the training meetings available. When the employee selects the training that he(she) wants to participate, I want to send de training ID for the base.


If I try to get the id like this:


I get none


If I try comboboxName.SelectedItem.ID

Same result...


How can I get the ID from the selected training in the combobox?



Super User
Super User

Hi @ErickContieri 


Since This will be lookup to other SP list





Sorry, that did not work. Gives an error. I sent the printscreen

Super User
Super User

Hi @ErickContieri 


Combobox can return multiple values. So we have to use First



Is it your combo box accepts multiple selections?

I tried those:

First(ComboboxName.SelectedItems).Value - Did not work

First(ComboboxName.SelectedItems).ID - Did not work

First(ComboboxName.SelectedItems.ID) - Did not work

First(ComboboxName.SelectedItems.Value) - Did not work


The id is not recognized

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Hi @ErickContieri 

It's not the most elegant solution, but you should be able to get it using a Lookup....


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Super User

Hi @ErickContieri 


The ID you are trying to get is all based on the combo box items that you are filling.


For Example, I have an SP list and reference the Event SP List. So Combobox Items will



In this case, IssueTracker is Main or transaction SP List

SingleEvent is a column name for Event SP List

To get Id of the Combo box will be



If the combo box is multi-select then






If your combo box uses a filter or Distinct or data source then how to access the combo box varies.


In this example combo box items property is


 then to get the value is



You may need to use Result to get ID



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I did this and worked: LookUp(dbase;Title = ComboBoxName.Selected.Name;ID)


Thankyou guys!

Can you share some screenphotos? I cannot seem to get it to work

Helper I
Helper I

replied to wrong post and now can't delete the comment, whoops


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