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Rich Text Height and Width Properties

The rich text height and width properties are not working properly when using a formula.

I have a header that is dynamically resizing based on the screen width. I then have the rich text box width tied to that header RichText.Width=Header.Width--very simple.  This works with all other controls that I have used, but not the rich text.


Same issue with dynamic height.


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@JonathanGibbs , can you share an app that has the kinds of formulas you're using? I want to see how you're referencing the variable.


Attached is the test app I made that includes how I set up the app to be responsive.


I'd walk through more, but the docs for making a responsive app are very thorough already:


Please see sections on settings including switching scale to fit off, lock aspect ratio off.

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Power Apps
Power Apps

Which version of PowerApps are you running? I've tried the same scenario with 3.18075.22 and it worked fine:


Also, what are the expressions that you are using for width and height of the rich text editor?

Using version: 3.18075.22


This works intermittently in the development environment, as do many features/functions that then do not work when you publish.

It is working correctly in the development environment for me also.


I am using the same exact expressions that you are in the example below.


Works fine in dev, then when I deploy, the rich text bar is not spanning to the same width as the header, nor is it spannin the length of the two other boxes at the left.


Height: NotesBanner.Width

Width: AttendeeGallery1.Height+HomeMeetingDetails.Height+12




This is still a problem in 3.19014.10. Fine in dev environment, fails in published.


Any updates or workarounds yet?

Hi @JonathanGibbs,

We were not able to replicate the issue.

As that is an old version of PowerApps, can you save and republish your app?


If the problem persists, can you provide more details on your setup: 

  • what version is the OS
  • what version is the player in the device?
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Hi everybody,

I've got the same issue; when I use rich text box in my power app both width and height properties don't work properly. Actually, they do in dev mode, but they don't after publishing.

Does anybody know if any fix has been released?



Thanks @Mr-Dang-MSFT 

Just republished to 3.19024.16 and problem persists. A Rich Text Editor's width is set to a calculated value (screen width * 0.7) and it works fine in dev but does not achieve correct width in play.

App Settings are Scale to Fit true, Lock Aspect Ratio false.

Using Windows 10, Edge, playing on PC running Edge.

Is it the Lock Aspect Ratio setting that's causing the problem? The app is being designed in 4*3 but I'm using the Lock Aspect Ratio false setting (plus mostly calculated dimension values in controls) to allow full screen when used on non 4*3 aspect ratios. All other controls adapt correctly to a different aspect ratio.


This is still not right I'm afraid @Mr-Dang-MSFT. To replicate:

Create a new canvas app (Edge on a PC). In App Settings Screen size set Orientation to Landscape, Size 4:3, Scale to Fit On, Lock aspect ratio Off, Lock Orientation On.

Put a Label on Screen 1 with X=40, Y=40, Width=Screen1.Width-80, Height=(Screen1.Height-80)/2. Set its fill to LightGray so you can see it.

Put a Rich Text Editor below it with same properties except Y=Label1.Y+Label1.Height.

Play the App in dev mode and the two controls will be the same size, one below the other. Resize the browser window and they will resize correctly.

Publish it and load the published App. The RTE's X and Y properties will be correct but Width and Height are both wrong (less than they should be). If the browser window is resized, the Label resizes correctly but not the RTE.

Any workaround or chance of a fix?

@JonathanGibbs ,

Can you do this with Lock Aspect Ratio On and let me know what results for you?


Sure. The initial scaling in the published version is correct (RTE is the same size as label), but you lose the dynamic resizing in both controls - which is the whole advantage of Scale to Fit On, Lock aspect ratio Off, Lock Orientation On.

I really like this feature, since it means apps can always fill the screen, as long as you are careful about calculated values for X/Y/H/W. All the common controls behave nicely in this configuration, but RTE is an exception.

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