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Room Booking App - Display all bookings


I've customized the Book a Room template to be a Book a Desk app, which is working fine.

However, I'd like to have a screen displaying all the current bookings. I've fudged it currently by having multiple hidden disabled dropdowns, defaulting to each of the desks (Desk 01, Desk 02 etc.)


These then feed galleries which display the bookings:

SortByColumns( Filter(Office365Outlook.V2CalendarGetItems(Dropdown2.Selected.Name).value, Location = Dropdown1.Selected.Name, End >= Now()) ,"Start")

There are 16 desks and I'm (unsurprisingly) hitting errors with too many calls.

There must be a better way? Any help gratefully received! 😀


Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 01.14.55.png

(I've blanked out the names on the bookings but this is how it looks.)



It's hard for me to say how you can make this more efficient without being able to look at the app.  Would you be willing to upload the .msapp file to the post so I can take a look?



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Thanks for the reply @RossB . I'd rather not upload the msapp, if that's OK. (I'm not sure of confidentiality.)


However, there isn't a lot to it. There are 16 Desks and for each one, there are two dropdowns and a gallery.

The dropdowns are in Display mode "Disabled", with a Default value of the desk name (so Desk 01, Desk 02 etc --> Desk 16)

The formulae for the dropdowns are as above, and each of the 16 galleries uses their respective dropdowns to display the items Location, Subject, Start and End.


That's all there is to it- I just feel there must be a more efficient way of doing it. Ideally, I'd like to put a date picker at the top and have the 16 Desks show their events for the selected day.


Thanks again for looking. 😊


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