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Rules Missing

I created a bunch of rules and they are still working, but I can no longer find them to make any changes. Wondering if anyone has experienced the samething and how they fixed it.


Just to clarify, when you say "Rules" are you referring to ones defined in the right-side panel named "Rules"? If so, can you try unchecking the box at the bottom that says "Show rules for this control only"?

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Thanks for the reply. You are correct, it is the Rules between the Properties and Advanced tabs. I have already unchecked the box that says "Show rules for this control only."



If you create new Rules, do they persist or are they also lost? Can you give an example of the type of thing you are trying to accomplish with a Rule that disappears?

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So far my other rules are sticking around. These rules are based on the condition of a number field. If the number is = to 1, then hide all person fields except for one. 


This started because I am creating a new type of the same form and I am referncing my orginal form that contained the rules so I can duplicate the process. The number field on my new form when trying to re-create the rules states that my number field is expecting a True or False value because it says DataCardValue.Text.  The field Mode=TextMode.SingleLine and Format=Number


So I am thinking that my number field has changed in some how and maybe my rules are reference something else?

Ah, I believe Rules currently have a limitation regarding controls that have a scope (ie. anything that uses a ThisItem property). This includes Forms and Galleries. More work is being done to enable these scenarios, but in the mean time, these sorts of formulas will need to be handwritten and won't be able to benefit from the Rules builder.

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Is there another way to get to the formula for these already written rules or do I need to recreate the form? I couldn't even get the rule to work on a new form. It is as if there was an update that does not allow me to use rules on the number field.

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