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SQL Schema name missing in table name when importing second time into powerapps

We are building one powerapp based on Azure SQL DB using azure AD integrated connection .
On adding tables for the first time , all tables were added with name [dbo].[TableName] and entire app is built using same names of tables .
Later , we needed to delete a table and re add it using same sql connection but this time all the tables are getting added without schema name like [TableName].
So for that table which was present with [dbo].[TableName] now added as [TableName] ,all the datacards and statements are getting errored out as name of object is changed in power app connection .


As in above screen shot , one table added with prefix [dbo] but other does not have same prefix and we want same behavior for all tables . 

Thanks in advance for any help .

Resolver III
Resolver III

This sounds like something I've dealt with in the dataverse and unfortunately I don't have a happy answer.  You'll have to re-create/re-wire everything that was using the old connection to point to the new connection.  PowerApps is very specific when it comes to connections and won't intelligently re-map.

Helper I
Helper I

@AkankshaGupta any news on this? I'm having the same exact issue. If not, I'm going to put in a ticket with Microsoft to look into this. 

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@Justinrr07 ,We created ticket for Microsoft and got to know that it is bug in their latest release (version 3.21035.34) which will be fixed in next release .As workaround , they suggested to replace connections with new format of table by following Source code files for Canvas apps | Microsoft Power Apps

@AkankshaGupta I put a ticket in as well. They told me that it is not a bug but is an actual version update. Hopefully that is true so I don't change my code just to change it back.


Thank you for the link!

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Hi I'm having the same issue and raised the ticket.

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Did anyone get confirmation on whether this was a bug or an intentional change, since we seem to have differing feedback in this thread?

It is not a bug. It’s intentional.

Ok, thanks @Justinrr07 .  I am now wondering how that plays out if you are using multiple schema partitioned tables pulled into Power Apps.  This seems like a odd decision to go away from more fully-qualified naming.

Helper IV
Helper IV

OK. So if this is intentional, I wonder how to fix my problem.
On my app, I still have db connections using the old DBO. connectors, and everything is working just fine.
However, on testing app, when I add the same db, I get the new style without the DBO.
But unfortunately, the data is not being read properly in this new style.
e.g. I have the following in the visible field on both apps, but only the DBO. style works. ELECFL is a collection from the sql datasource

Text(DateAdd(FLE_Date,-10,Hours),"[$-en-US] dd/mm/yyyy") = Text(Today(), "[$-en-US] dd/mm/yyyy"), FLE_Name="Toyota Cedarbrook 2"
) = 0

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