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Advocate II
Advocate II

SQL problem yet again!!!

Powerapps connection to Azure SQL database is playing up again. This is a regular monthly occurance. 

Last month we couldn't connect at all now it is so slow it take minutes to save or retrieve records. Again after a powerapps update!!


Now I'll wait for...give me your Session ID then 5 days of support emails without a resolution for 2 weeks...

Whilst user have to put up with it!


SESSION ID : 1d8270c1-3fb6-4997-8e30-b159be8e00651


Come on Microsoft this is pathetic now! 




Yes no longer delegative query if we are using "0" in place of false.


Also, from past experience, there will be no answer until the US wakes up.


There is no one on here supporting from Microsoft unless it within US waking hours.


"[myTable]" is under 500 rows, so it is ok until the issue is fixed



All our businesss critical apps are broken where we have a delegated filter to Azure SQL. 


Please fix this ASAP!

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

As a temporary fix I've added the full table to a collection and then applied filters to this. 


This involves a bit of code change thought so not suitable for all.

Ours needs to be filtered into a collection, as the master tables are too big. Not much I can do and we have around 30 PAs...

Frequent Visitor

We have the same issue, can't use the workround without changing all our Apps, so everyone gone home for an early Christmas except me while we find out if there will be a solution - not making me feel very festive ......

Community Champion
Community Champion

Does anyone have any update?  I have raised a ticket with MS but silence...


Just copying @Mr-Dang-MSFT on this important issue.


Hello all,


This issue should be mitigated. We fixed some configuration changes in Sql connector. Please try again and let us know if the issue persists.




Frequent Visitor

Checked 2 apps so far and looks to be fixed. 

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