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Advocate II
Advocate II

SQL problem yet again!!!

Powerapps connection to Azure SQL database is playing up again. This is a regular monthly occurance. 

Last month we couldn't connect at all now it is so slow it take minutes to save or retrieve records. Again after a powerapps update!!


Now I'll wait for...give me your Session ID then 5 days of support emails without a resolution for 2 weeks...

Whilst user have to put up with it!


SESSION ID : 1d8270c1-3fb6-4997-8e30-b159be8e00651


Come on Microsoft this is pathetic now! 




@t19670 @Meneghino @AndyGill

Can you confirm that this has been resolved on your end?

Thank you @Mr-Dang-MSFT and @katwan, seems that the problem is fixed for the moment.

Yep seems okay now. Thank you! 👍
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Can you provide an update on this? It is still an issue. Can the PowerApps team comment on this please?

It’s working but the product team are looking into it. We have been waiting 3 weeks now for an answer on why this keeps happening!

They also got me to run some queries directly on sql server to test the execution times which were almost instant but the sql connector can be upto 30secs to return results.
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Hi all,


I got a problem connecting to Azure SQL database. The collections shows all fields when I connect to less SQL tables and the app is not complicated. But when I add more SQL connections and create more screens, the collections doesn't show value in some fields like below picture.

If I connect my app to Excel file (on premise machine), it never happens regardless the complexity of the app. 

My Session ID is: 24eaaa6c-75a7-41f6-8a15-c503108cb7f7. 

Thank you very much!


Collection from SQL not showing full.png

Hi everyone,

I would really appreciate your help with my above question. Thanks!

Hi @darwindat,

Can you check if you have the setting for Explicit column selection turned on? It is designed to reduce the columns that you are actually using in the app for better performance. You may have a mismatch of columns in the different places where the table is used with this feature on.



Thanks @Mr-Dang-MSFT

It was the culprit. It's strange that the columns I am using also disappears while turning on that "Explicit column selection". Anyway, if I turn it off, everything shows again. 

Can you try turning ECS back on and then referencing the columns that don't have data in the app?  You can use a formula or bind it to a UI control like a gallery.  Please let us know if the data shows up. 

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