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Save results of checklist as PDF & send via email

Hi all


Just a general question, not sure if Power Apps is what we need so I thought I'd ask here first before I dive into trying to learn how to create an app & setting one up.


I need to create an app that can be used on multiple mobile platforms, iOS & Android phones & tablets.


I need to create a check list that will be used by Security Guards as a log of areas checked & if there are any issues found during patrols. There are multiple areas & multiple check points within each area. A simple check box to acknowledge that an area has been check & same for the individual points within that area will probably be best. A cell to add comments & also add photos will also be part of this. I have seen a number of examples of similar types of apps created in power apps so I'm pretty sure this part of it is achievable.


However what I'm not sure of is what can be done once the data has been collected. How can I show the results. I would like to be able to save the results once a check has been completed and signed, as a PDF file somewhere (Ideally within teams so that it can be accessed by team members, but maybe on the individual device would also be fine), however the most important aspect is to be then able to send that PDF, from within the created app, to clients who are not in the MS Teams environment. Areas are fixed but not all areas get checked everyday so I need to only show the areas that were checked & highlight if there were any issues. For this reason I will also need the ability to format the PDF (Not individually every check, just once to set the format & make it look presentable to the client.


Any ideas or advice on if this can be done would be greatly appreciated.



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hi @MikTylor 


Of the top yes this can be done. you have a few options i will shared the method for one of those; once the data is stored it can be converted to a pdf by flow and can be accessed by the Teams. you can then send an email to those outside of your organization or Teams by attaching the pdf file.


if your doc layout is not complex or your html is great then htm something like this will be helpful.  If you have a very specific layout it be better to create a doc library (create a word template) in SharePoint and create a flow from your first list to populate the doc library list and create the word doc to pdf then (there are a few examples on the net for this)




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