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Saving a Collection to Sharepoint with numerical coloumns

I have canvas app that collects data for a sharepoint list. To implement offline-caching I have created a colelction that stores the data from the form and uploads it later.

Title: DataCardValue9.Text,
OperatingHours: (Value(DataCardValue10.Text)),
NextInspection: InspectionDate.SelectedDate,
Servicerequired: DataCardValue12.Value,
Reason_x0020_for_x0020_service: ListBox1.SelectedItems,
Comments: DataCardValue14.Text


The text in red is causing issues (it seems) in the save:


If I don't use the "Value" I get a "incompatible type" error, if I use the "Value" I get an error "The specified couloumn "Value" does not exist"...


Any help would be appreciated.


Accepted Solutions

Somehow is missed the notification of your reply.


In the meantime I worked around the problem by changing the sharepoint coloumn to accept TEXT. Now it works... 😕

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Super User
Super User


Hi there!  Your post mentioned some text highlighted in red.  However, I do not see any highlight text.  Could you please reply to this message and share the problematic code line?


Thanks 😄

Sorry for B/W version, I fixed the original post to display the red line. 🙂

Super User
Super User


I am reviewing your code and do not see any errors.  I'd like to ask a few questions.


  • What is the full "incompatible error"?  It usually gives an expected type.
  • When is ItemCache first Collected?  Can you share the code?
  • What value are you inputting into DataCardValue10?  Please also take a screenshot of that input control




@mdevaney  Sorry for the delay and thx for taking time for my problem.


DataCardValue10 is a textfield, but only expects numbers (Annotation 2019-10-15 073503.png). The full error is in ErrorMsg.png. It actually point to the "Collect" method with an underlined "ItemCache" in the Timer event.


ItemCache is initialized in the OnVisible of the StartScreen:



Please show your code for the property in Timer2.OnTimerEnd (screenshot).  In your picture I can see you have an error due to a Text value being supplied.


Also, I find this code to be peculiar.  I am not familar with the technique of initializing a collection with a value of True.  Perhaps you can share more on your coding choice here.  Perhaps loading ItemCache with a single variable here and many columns elsewhere is confusing PowerApps




To clear an existing collection I would typically just use this



Somehow is missed the notification of your reply.


In the meantime I worked around the problem by changing the sharepoint coloumn to accept TEXT. Now it works... 😕

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