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Saving a pen input into an existing record in Sharepoint

I appreciate there is a lot out there already about saving a signature to Sharepoint, but i cant seem to find anything that i understand that applies to what I need.


I have a Sharepoint list which is used to record H&S questions for different sites. For example one record holds the response to a number of questions relating to a single job. I have created a powerapp that puts all of these questions in front of the person filling in the deatils. The person fills in all of the required data and presses a button to send it all back to share point.


What i'm struggling with is capturing the persons signature and having that saved in the existing record in sharepoint. I don't want to send that signature to a word doc or pdf, just hold it in share point as an image that i can then download or view later.


I am able to get the blob manager link to save to sharepoint if i choose the field as a text filed but from there, all of the support ih ave seen talks about then using flow to merge it into a word doc which is not what i want.


How do i save that image in sharepoint or is it not possible? 


I am somewhat of a beginner so don't really understand JSON, is there an easy way around this? 


Thanks, Dave

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Super User

Hi @DaveWalker ,

You can save it to a multi-line text (plain text) field with 


You can then view it in an Image Control with



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